The Money Mishap

The bank inside Walmart is at a very handy location. It saves me a stop on errand day, which is always sweet. And since we're at Walmart all the time, I never have banking build-up again. (You have to remember that we live in a one-horse town. That horse's name is Walmart.)

Inside this bank inside Walmart is a change counting machine. You dump all your loose change in there and it spits out a slip telling you just how much you've dumped in. And then you take the slip to a teller and she gives you bills for your change. Much like Chuck E. Cheese's token system. Except better. Micah is so very fascinated with this change counter. It eats money, makes noise, and produces receipts. He's always trying to get change from my wallet when I'm trying to do my banking.

Josh bought an item off the internet the other day and paid me for it in quarters and other assorted silver coins. I carried that heavy bag of money in my purse so that I'd have it with me next time I was at Walmart. And Micah just happened to be with me. I knew I'd totally make his day by giving that to him to cash in. And by golly, I did. He took that bag of coins and took off running. I was a bit worried that someone else might actually be using the change counter and in his impatience, Micah would just dump his in with theirs and I'd be out my money, so I took off running after him.

But the running didn't go far. Right inside the store is an arcade room. Silly me. I thought Micah would be thrilled to count change, but instead he thought I'd just given him a whole bag full of fun to use the mechanical grabber and ride the pony.

I went from Mom of a Lifetime to Seriously, Mom? just like that.

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