The Yellow Dilemma

Homes have a way of looking lived in when they're lived in. I know we've got a mess of kids and a pack of dogs here, but the house looks far more like a circus travels through daily. Its insane.

I sweep and scrub the floors a lot. A LOT. And yet, thanks to the dogs, it looks like I never do. EVER.

The bathrooms are the same, thanks to the passel of boys that live here. And yet every single one of them puts the seat down every single time they go. And don't even dare ask if anyone's aim is a bit off because OH MY GOSH, HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF THAT. And yet, the bathrooms need condemned. There is not a better way to put that.

The dishes are done frequently, and yet the dishes threaten to spill out over the sink and onto the counters five minutes after the dishwasher is loaded. And because the kids are always eating, the counters are always a mess. I wipe counters 5,326 times a day.

And the walls. Ugh. The walls take the brunt of everything. I've wiped and scrubbed and wiped some more, but they're to the point where they just need repainted. They're filthy at the bottom where the dogs live, which is weird because I have yet to see a dog rub along a wall like a cat will. There are smudgy handprints on corners, and everyone blames Micah. It's probably mostly his fault, so it's alright. But the nicks and dings? Those are all the teens. Teens throwing things, teens wrestling, teens knocking things over, teens being teens.

I pulled the paint out of the basement to touch up the walls, and took the can to Lowe's to have it re-made since it was gummed up in the bottom of the can. Lowe's posed a problem, though. The paint I had has been discontinued (of course) and what they carry now all has primer included with. Mine did not. This means that even if they match the paint it'll go on a tad darker because of the primer.  Isn't that awesome?

They mixed me a sample and I came home and randomly brushed it on the walls here and there and there, too. I let it dry. I left the room. I came back and looked. And looked. And finally saw where I painted the random spots. So this means that it matches very well. But not quite well enough. It really is a tad darker. The good news is that nobody else is going to notice those spots since I had to look for them and I knew that I needed to be looking. The bad news is that the walls are in need of paint, and I'm going to have to pain the entire wall now. And THAT problem is the fact that we have a very open floor plan.  We're talking 3 gallons of paint to get it all done, and dabbing around kitchen cabinets. And I REALLY don't want to do that.

It's too bad our house looks like we live in it.

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