The Revelation of Spring

I'm going to elaborate on the weather again. You know, the weather that has happened all over the country that everyone has been talking about pretty much since it started in January and hasn't let up. Until last week at least. Last week when we had those glorious few days of temperatures that started with the number 4 and felt like summertime. We were wearing shorts, t-shirts and skirts without leggings. Well, the skirt was myself. The boys don't so much wear them, except Micah. But even he has pretty much stopped wearing skirts that often.

With those awesomely warm temperatures last week we had a lot of snow melt. We still have a lot of snow, mind you, but we lost a lot more and that's far more important. Our township road is no longer covered in white, parking lots all over the county have become black again and even a few driveways have appeared. There's a problem, however. The black stuff called pavement, that we haven't seen in two months, isn't the same as it was back in December before the cold came. All that snow, and all those frigid temps, they have combined to do some dastardly work on roadways.

Pot holes abound.

In fact, some are so bad they could probably be called sink holes. It's hard to tell whether someone started to jack hammering things up, got bored, and then stopped or if its actually just destruction due to the snow freezing inside cracks and breaking things up with expansion. But boy-howdy, are the roads bad. In fact, there are so many holes in the road that the cops are probably just shaking their heads at all the drunk drivers weaving all over the roads, starting with the morning commute. It definitely looks like people are lacing their coffee with all the zig zagging going on. It's just nuts.

But spring is coming. We'll bounce down the roads, weaving in and out around the largest holes, and roll with our windows down because it'll be getting warmer from here. We're nearly to March. March is spring. Hang in there with me.

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wendy said...

We have the same problem here with the pot holes, hit one last night and thought I would lose all my teeth!
The puppies are adorable, keep sharing pictures of them!!