The Week Is Dragging On

This week started so tamely. Last Sunday, just 6 days ago, I was looking at my calendar and Josh had a dermatology appointment on Monday. That was the extent of my week. It was kind of nice, I thought, to have such a free week facing me. That's probably why things went all crazy. I invited it.

On Monday, I decided that having my dear corgis outside just wasn't working and it was time to re-home them. I knew this day was coming, but certainly not this week. I listed them for sale Monday evening and sold them by Wednesday. That is just unheard of in the adult dog world, but they both got absolutely wonderful homes and that's so important to me. If I'm going to have to be corgi-less, at least I know my babies went to good homes. I then spent a big part of the week making travel arrangements for the dogs. Part of the Responsible Dog Breeder gig is being a travel agent for canines. I booked flights for dogs and coordinated with their new owners. And then I changed all that because I care.

Our male corgi, Ralph, (who really isn't ours anymore at this point) is a timid dog. He's not like Jack, who is afraid of things like balloons and balls and vacuums, running in fear and shaking. He's just not keen on people up in his business. Or down in his business. Corgis are low riders.  He loves people, mind you, but he's stressed immensely when someone tries to get near him and he can't get away. Flying that dog would be the death of him. He'd have a panic attack on the tarmac waiting to board the plane. There's no way I could do that to the poor guy. So I volunteered to drive him to his new home. In Arkansas. And because our Claire is going to TX, I offered her new owner the opportunity to drive over to Arkansas and pick her up instead of having her flown. She was grateful for the chance to travel and get away for a day or two, so we're driving two dogs halfway across the nation in two day, because that's all the time Sam can take off work.

Besides all this, the week has been crazy in so many different ways. The puppy that needed therapy is up and running and doing fabulously. I've started those wee gals on soft food and they've finally decided they love it. Two of our french girls have decided they need male attention this week and we're not thrilled with either male option that we've got. Both are for sale. We sold Jack today. Nobody talk to me about that because it hurts. Sometimes I really hate the business that I'm in. It's rare, and this is one of those days. And we need a replacement french stud so I spent a very large part of the week looking for one. I may have found him in Indiana, so we're scheduling a stop on the way home from Arkansas. This makes our trip look like this: leave at midnight Sunday when Sam gets off work, drive until we get to Arkansas stopping to eat and relieve ourselves as little as possible, deliver dogs to new owners, crash at a hotel for the night, leave far too early in the morning, meet friends for the fastest lets-catch-up-over-lunch ever, look at/pick up a dog in Indiana, and get home to get some sleep for a few hours before Wednesday starts and I have to get up to get Micah on the bus. The timeline is tight. Yes, we're insane.

And because dogs aren't enough this week, I got to meet with out of town friends I hadn't seen in decades, Micah had an impromptu appointment at the dermatologist for his thrush AGAIN, we had to go out of town to rent a car for the trip because the in-town place doesn't allow you to haul dogs in their cars, and I was asked on Friday to make 22 shirts for girls going on a camping adventure. Those shirts need mailed Monday to arrive in time. People, I got them done. All 22 of them in 2 days, because when I have to I can be a mini factory. 

So really, despite the super tight schedule on our hastily planned trip, and the fact that we'll be driving 2,000 miles in 2 days with stanky dogs that live outside and smelling up a very small space, I'm actually looking forward to getting away. I think this falls under "you know you need a vacation when..." To me, it signals that this week will finally be over. It's been long and emotional and I'm ready for it to end.

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