From out of nowhere, Micah turned into the boy that looks forward to going to school. This is such a welcome relief from the boy who put up a royal battle every morning to get out of going.

Micah woke this morning at 7:00 and came into our room to get his iPad. He takes it downstairs to have a musical dance recital while I get his clothes laid out and make the bed and such. Except when I came downstairs this morning, Micah wasn't anywhere to be seen.

I checked the pantry, because that is his go-to hiding spot nowadays. He'll hole himself up in there with lunch meat, bread, mayonnaise, cheese, milk, cereal, chips and a plate. It's pretty evident what his intentions are, of course. But Micah wasn't in the pantry this morning.

I went back upstairs because his next go-to is the sewing room. He'll take all his pantry-made food up to the sewing room, prop his iPad against a chair and watch a video while he snacks. Sometimes he'll close the door and turn the volume way down so that nobody knows he's watching a movie and snacking at 4AM.

I only wish I were kidding.

But Micah wasn't in the sewing room either.

This morning Micah was in his own room, sitting in his own new big boy bed, propped up with a pillow, watching a movie. I think it's safe to say that boy loves his new sleeping arrangements.

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