Spring is here. Its so very awesome. The outdoor projects are happening and I'm planning some garden re-arranging and the whole world is green. It's gorgeous out there. And cold. Again. Because spring is all about temps fluctuating. Although this spring is the tailspin from the winter we just had. While temps normally fluctuate, they do not normally swing from 40 degrees to 89 degrees and back to 46 degrees. Silly weather. It makes it hard to get winter gear put away, that's for sure.

Spring is my favorite time to sit around a fire pit. In the heat of summer, you kind of don't want to light a fire to make it even hotter, and in the fall when it's 50 or 60 degrees in the evening, the you-coming-off-summer is thinking "dude, get inside and snuggle under a blanket. Also build a fireplace so you can light a fire indoors." However, the you-coming-off-winter says, "55 degrees? PERFECT fire pit weather! In capris and bare feet! This is the life!"

Perspective. It's an awesome thing.

So we're in fire pit mode here. The unfortunate thing about spring and fire pit weather is that the spring rains dampen the firewood, thereby dampening our evenings spent outside. I think one of the spring projects that I need to get snapping on is making a firewood bin to keep the wood dry. Because we don't already have 2 firewood bins. But hey, we've got lots of space around here, and lots of resources to build things with, so what else are we going to do?

Sam got the jump on projects and gets the prize for First One Done This Year. He supervised the boys while they finished the garden shed. Now it just needs painted. That may or may not happen between the rainy days this spring. But the garden shed looks fabulous, no?

Okay, it will once it's painted. You just have to trust me that its a drastic improvement. And notice, if you will, the teen boy standing behind it with a down vest, gloves and a beanie. I am not kidding about that 46 degree temp thing. I started making a brick wall around the patio and realized that my leggings and bare feet weren't going to allow me to lay more than about 8 bricks before I froze to death, so that didn't get finished.

Micah, though, wants to swim. I kid you not, that boy was running around in his swim trunks outside begging to bust out the pool. He's not right. There's no other explanation. He does love himself a good fire though, and is as oblivious to smoke as he is to the cold. See?

And he has decided this year that he'll eat s'mores and not just roast marshmallows to pawn off on others.

We're waiting for summer to arrive. It's been speculated on by locals that we may have had our 2 days of 90 degrees for the entire year and now our summer is over. I have hope, however. Summer will come. Right?

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HalfAsstic.com said...

Yes, dear. It will come!!! And it will be so perfect!
It is quite... balmy here today. The damn humidity is 117% and the sun is out every now and them from between the clouds.
Hot as Hades when that happens. But only because I haven't felt true heat since last year. Actually it is very mild. But not the like the three days of perfect weather we get once a year and are already gone.THAT's when you dash out and do everything you possibly can while you can still stand it.
Because overnight it will turn so humid and hot you can't breathe outside without drowning.
"The Gulf Coast. NOT the coast of anywhere you'd want to vacation."
THAT is truth in advertising.