I Said NO!

I have this awesome blog friend visiting this week, and it's been so fun. Sadly, the week is coming to a close, but we're having fun every single day, using the time wisely.

Last week we headed to the airport on a Wednesday to pick her up. On Wednesday, we go to church in the evening. Micah lives for this on a scale equal to going to church on Sunday morning. And that is the highlight of his week. And his life.  And he counts down the days until he gets to go to church again. He loves church, that boy does.

He does not, however, love the airport. He hates flying. He's a bit terrified of it. It's not good. So when we told him that we were going to the airport he kind of freaked out. We had to count for him to help him focus on reality.

1. Pick up friend (because the word "airport" freaked him out).
2. Eat lunch.
3. Church.

The last 2 were speaking to him well, but we needed to get past the first hurdle. He mentioned that he was going to church about a million and thirteen times on the way to the airport. We reassured him every single time that we were going, but needed to pick up a friend and eat first.

And then we pulled in at the airport. Not cool at all, mom. Not cool. He kind of spazzed, and we were very adamant that we were NOT flying. That calmed him. We reminded him that we were going to church that evening after we ate, but first we needed to pick up a friend. The airport had him wigged out, and he couldn't focus well.

Inside the airport (it was a bribe and a struggle to get him there), he made airplane wings, with a look that clearly said, "please tell me that we're not flying!" I reassured him that we weren't. He was visibly relieved. And then he repeated that sign-scenario at least a million and thirteen times, and each time my adamant "No flying!" made him smile widely with relief. It became a game where he asked and I was enjoying telling him NO!!!! with a positive result for once rather than a toddler temper tantrum.

It's the small things that make me happy sometimes. Apparently Micah feels the same. He was glad when we left the airport with a friend and went to eat.

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Cindy said...

Beth wasn't afraid to fly until her last time in a plane. Really scared her. Thankfully we haven't needed to fly anywhere since.

And the process of listing events, Beth loves that! I know they do that on Dora and sometimes I wonder if it's too childish, but it really helps her to focus on the task at hand, plus she can repeat it to herself and know exactly what to expect! I love it! If it brings her peace of mind, I'm all for it!