My Last Day of School Photo

The last day of school has finally come. I look forward to this day far more than I do the first day of school. I love my kids being home with me over summer. I also love the quiet and clean (for a few hours) that I get while the kids are in school, but I truly look forward to summer vacation so the kids and I can just go and do and have fun together all the time. This year, with all the snow days we've had, school just let out. The date is June 10th. Not the latest we've gone, but very close to it.

I see on Facebook how all my creative friends have photos of the first day of school and photos of the last day of school so they can compare how kids grew. It's way fun. I used to be creative. Now it seems I'm just tired.

Micah was up at 3AM dancing the morning before the last day of school. I knew I'd need a nap to recover from that since I never went back to sleep. But that day didn't go as I planned it. (Do days ever?) Darla, our dog with a beautiful litter of 6 babies, got sick. This is never good. She got better by the time her vet appointment came around, but had passed it on to the babies. This is even worse. So just about time I really and truly needed a nap, I was given bottle feeding duties. I had just fed 6 wee bellies and was ready to get in a quick 90 minutes of sleep before my alarm went off again when I realized that the next day was The Last Day Of School. I had failed to get teacher gifts.

Guys, if ever a teacher deserved a gift at the end of the year, Micah's does. And his aide does as well. Anyone that tackles that boy head-to-head every day deserves a prize. A very large one. Preferably with a lot of cash and a vacation home key. I have got to give them incentive to be there for my boy next year because they are too awesome to lose. But this year I failed. I blame the sick we've been rocking. And the puppies. And my diminished mental capacity.

I blame me.

So at 9pm I made cookies because it was a far better option than running to Walmart. Cookies aren't cash and a vacation home, but they do say, "we thought of you and very much appreciate you." And who doesn't love homemade chocolate chip cookies? Nobody, that's who.

So I made the most awesome chocolate chip cookies ever, finished feeding babies (again), and headed to bed to set my alarm to be up in 90 minutes. By the time morning rolled around, I shockingly had the mental capacity to think to have Micah write the names of his teachers on each bag. I clearly told him they were for "Mr. Baker, Mrs. P and Linda." He knew this. He wrote their names. I put them in his backpack, told him to give them to his teachers, tell them goodbye, and come home.

He cheerfully went to school, hearing the word "home." He came home from school with crumbled cookies in his backpack, took them out, and said, "Linda, Mrs. P and Mrs. B."

So now I am the worst parent ever for not even sending a card for the teachers, and Micah managed to have the last word.

This is the Last Day of School photo that I have. The reason I don't have the mental capacity to be the Pinterest mom all the other Facebook friends are.


Flea said...

You're a great mom. Those teachers all work with Micah every day. They understand completely. ;)

Flea said...

You're a great mom. Those teachers all work with Micah every day. They understand completely. ;)