That Was A Change

Micah mostly gets up earlier than the rest of the family. It's his thing. He likes to have personal time to sing loudly and dance like nobody is watching (because they aren't) before the rest of the family invades that personal time that he finds so dear. Sometimes when he's up taking advantage of alone time to sing and dance, he gets hungry. He'll fix himself a bowl of cereal or make himself a sandwich. We made it very clear to him that he is not to use the stove or microwave without assistance, even though he pretty much can fry an egg by himself. It just is not smart to allow him to do this unsupervised.

A lot of times, when he eats, he will grab something that would be considered a convenience food. Like a pre-made sandwich. For daddy's lunch. This does not make daddy very happy when he thinks all he needs to go is toss his packed lunch into his box and head out for the day, and instead has to actually make things to pack. Again. And I feel that pain, because a lot of the times Micah will eat the sandwich I had packed for his own lunch, and there I am scrambling to get another made before Micah runs out the door in the morning.

That boy, you guys.

I was aware that he was dancing in the morning because I felt the house shake. (He's serious about his dancing.) I slept in until the very last minute I could before getting up to get the boy ready for school. And then I realized that his sandwich was gone that I had in the fridge for his lunch. One of those days again where I'm frustrated because he undid that organizing that I did the night before, which makes him frustrated, which makes for a bad day at school... It's a chain reaction. I started to gather the sandwich making supplies when Sam came down and went to pack his own lunch.

Where are the sandwiches I had for my lunch?

Ugh, so Micah ate ALL the sandwiches?! Even for the boy that eats a lot, that's a lot of sandwiches to eat. He must have them stashed on a plate in the sewing room or something. (Yes. That's a thing here.) I checked the trash for the empty Ziploc bags which would have been the best way to tell that he had pilfered things that weren't fair game.

There were no empty Ziplocs in the trash.

So great. Did we invent a new game today in which we now look for the hidden sandwiches? And why would a game like this need to be invented, my dear son? Are our lives that boring?

That answer would be no. We could use some more boring up in here on most days. Trust me.

I commenced with packing Micah's lunch because the clock was ticking and looking for stray sandwiches would have to wait until he left for school. I grabbed his lunch box and realized there was something in there. Great. A sandwich from the day before. So he didn't the one from yesterday and I failed to clean out his lunch box. Mom of the Year, on a daily basis. I went to toss it and realized the bag was cold. Stop. That was the sandwich for his lunch that was missing this morning. He packed his own lunch. The boy. He's growing up. And then I looked in Sam's lunch box, and his sandwiches were there, too. Micah packed daddy's lunch, too.

Just when you think he's found new ways to make you lose your shiz, Micah goes the extra mile to prove that he's far more responsible than he lets on most days.


Jody Lynn said...

omg, hilarious!

Tara said...

Love that boy!