I Found The Cutest Thing Today

It was a long and cold winter all across the nation, and the nation should be rejoicing that summer is here and we're sweating like marathon runners. My fish, however, are not happy that summer is here because they're dead. I was vigilant in keeping the ice chipped out of the pond so the fish could get fresh oxygen, but at one point the hosing sprung a leak and the pump drained the pond nearly dry. And by "nearly dry" I mean there was about 2" of water left in the bottom. There is no way fish were going to survive that. And they didn't. It was a little sad.

But ever one to take advantage of opportunities, I decided this would be the year that the pond would get re-made. It's been in dire need for a few years and every year I've put it off, because EGADS the work. I just wasn't feeling it. Truth be told, I'm still not. So I used the tadpoles as an excuse.

Because there weren't fish in the pond to eat all sorts of things, the frogs decided to live there and let their babies grow up there. I think they may have put a white picket fence around the perimeter and got 2 catfish, too. It's kind of cute, really. 

We watched those tadpoles for the longest time, and then life got busy and I kind of forgot to watch them. At one point I noticed that they finally grew wee back legs, and it was exciting. But after that I completely lost track of them until I saw a tiny little froglet jump into my pond. I was rather disappointed that I missed the morphing of the tadpoles.

I'm not really sure how many baby frogs we've got, but do know that there are at least 3 plops into the pond when I walk by at any given time. And because they see me before I see them (mostly because I'm not looking for them), I never know the size of them. Today, I discovered that they're tiny. I found this on my camera when I downloaded pictures this evening.

Apparently Luke borrowed my camera. And picked a blueberry. And set it on a lily pad. Beside the tiniest baby frog ever. Isn't it just adorable?

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