My Happy Place

Sometimes the world just needs more puppies.

Don't judge me for having that wee girl locked behind bars. Otherwise she and her siblings will run willy-nilly through the yard, falling into the pond and getting lost in the ginormous hosta. One can't have puppies lost or drowned. That is never good for business.

Last week wasn't the best week we've ever had. The things that went down here would make a few grown men cry. Fortunately, the grown men (and women) here are made of tougher mettle than that. One of the fun things we're dealing with is Sam's work car. That stinker has not been a good one for us. We generally luck into great finds. This time, not so much. After having electrical problems repaired twice (in the month we've had it), the engine blew up (in a far less KA-BOOM kind of way than it sounds). We had briefly talked about taking that very same car to Minnesota last week to get that new dog (who is still in quarantine, and also a bit more friendly with our current 4-legged residents). It died as Josh pulled it into the driveway on the way home from town. So there's that. It died on our own property. No towing bill is always a win. Except that we now have to tow it to a garage, so it's not a win but another fail.

Stupid cars.

But I've got puppies, and they are the most fun age ever because they're snuggly and playful and roly-poly and awesome. I'm going to play with puppies a lot this week because their days are numbered here and it'll be a while before we get babies again. The world definitely needs more puppies.

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