My Holiday Weekend. It Kind of Rocked.

This was definitely the best weekend we've had all year. It started on the 4th when the rest of the world was resting or partying or in other ways enjoying their holiday. We, however, were working our tails off. I got the vegetable garden re-made into something other than that because I'm so over growing veggies. The teen boys got my from sidewalk laid, which was pretty amazing since it was rather big.

Yes, that is a french bulldog and a large log bench sitting on my new front walk. Yes, that is a front walk and not a small patio. Why? Because we have a few truck loads of donated bricks to use, so we do. Anywhere we can. The landscaping still needs to happen, but I just wanted to brag on those teen boys of mine, because, you know, THAT FRONT WALK. I'm kind of in love with it.

(Ignore the dirty front lawn. The whole "grass doesn't grow here because of too little topsoil" thing is being amended. The place may look like a construction site now, but it will be fabulous someday. Honest.)

We accomplished much on Friday so that we could party on Saturday. It was the first free Saturday we had since the nephew's high school graduation, so we hosted a grad party for him and Becky. She is slated to finish her online high school courses this year. Sometime. The party was a very fun afternoon and evening spent with friends and family while relaxing on the patio and around the fire pit. We have the best friends.

And Sunday we spent on the lake with friends. The kids had an absolutely grand time on the water, and the adults enjoyed watching them just as much as they enjoyed playing. Sun, perfect weather, and wonderful friends and family make for the best days ever. And it was a wonderful way to end the weekend.

But that wasn't the end of the day. I sold my last puppy (although they get to be here with me for another 3 weeks) and we sat and visited with the family that bought her for a while on the patio while watching the puppies play and waddle and tumble.

Honestly, it was hard to beat this weekend, but I hope yours was just as incredible.

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