Bacon Topped Pizza

Micah loves bacon. Most people do, of course, because bacon is AWESOME. Micah acts on his love of bacon any chance he can get. He gets bacon on his hot dogs at the convenience store, he sneaks bacon in the shopping cart when we're at the grocery store, he asks for bacon at every meal when we have it stocked in the fridge.

It doesn't stay stocked for long at the pace he eats bacon, and I limit him to one piece per request.

Micah also loves pizza. A lot. Weirdly, one of his favorite pizzas is the crap grocery store frozen kind. Health benefits are low, taste is lower, and the cost is fairly low as well. I let him get one of these on occasion and we keep it on hand for days that we need a meal in a pinch.

At Walmart the other night, Micah chose a frozen pizza and headed our way with it. At first I said no, but then realized it's been a while since we've had one and there are none in the freezer on standby at the house, so I changed my mind and said, "sure, put it in the cart." But then Sam called me over to see other pizzas in the freezer. Actually just one in particular.

It was a frozen pizza with bacon on it.

I traded out Micah's plain cheese pizza for the bacon topped one and went about my other shopping. Micah was not a happy camper. He chose a pizza and I traded it. I had a whole lot of nerve.

"Micah, look. There's bacon on it."

He picked up the pizza box and looked under it in the cart. No bacon hiding under that pizza. He put the box down and looked at me.

"On the pizza. There's bacon on the pizza."

Well clearly the bacon wasn't under the box, so he tried lifting the box lid to look for hidden bacon. Nope. Not there either.

"Look, Micah. See this on the pizza? These pieces are bacon."

You guys, I saw his light bulb glow neon. That boy's eyes lit up, he beamed from the inside out with the revelation that his two favorite foods just combined to make something awesome, and he said, "Oh!" It was definitely worth the low, low price for the unhealthy pizza to see that happen.

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