Fair Night!

The Somerset County Fair. It happens the week before school starts, because many years ago the schools realized that if they start the week the fair is happening, nobody will be in attendance. True story. So this is Fair Week, and the entire county shows up to attend, because while Walmart is labeled as the meet-and-greet of the county (because there is nowhere else to shop), the fair is the place to kick back and get the low down on the goings-on of your neighbors. So we were at the fair this evening, because we are part of the county. It's good to know who raised the champion homegrown pig and which dairy herd had the top cow this year.

Micah was especially excited about the fairway, because there is no stopping that boy when it comes to amusement rides. He will ride spinny and twirly and coasters and EVERYTHING because he has no fear. Tonight, while on the one called "swings" he flapped his arms like he was flying. Many times I wish I was that uninhibited. At 11 years old, it doesn't even cross his mind that someone may see him flapping his arms like a bird while riding an amusement swing in the most public place in the county. In fact, he'd be thrilled if someone saw him, knowing his felt like he was flying and loving every minute of it. He also rode the anti-gravity thing where you stand strapped to the wall and the whole shebang turns sideways while spinning so fast that spectators get dizzy watching it. Luke was on that with Micah and while Luke was playing it all cool, standing there with his arms and ankles crossed, he nearly heaved when he was on solid ground again. Micah, however, came off cheering and fist pumping. That boy can't be stopped.

Unless he's in an animal barn. Being raised in farming country, with animals right across the road at Pap's farm, he should be better than he is about animals. Clearly this is a strike against me as a parent. I didn't expose him to enough farm animals during his 11 years. First off, he didn't know a goat from a sheep, and that's just embarrassing right there. He got to pet a pig, then wiped his hand on daddy's shirt to get the "icky" feel off his hand. Let it be noted that despite it being a pig, it was squeaky clean. These are fair pigs, after all. He just didn't like the feel of the rough hairs. Sensory issues, n'at. And the pigs' squealing because it was dinner time really did him in. He covered his ears and hid behind me while trying not to cry. He recovered quickly, though, and even went on to touch a cow. But only because he thought it would get him back to the rides that much faster.

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