This Is Our Summer

Summer is awesome. And on days that you have nothing planned, you've got to make your own variety of awesome. Our dogs are always willing to get in on the action.

I have finally realized that having a dog with a light colored face is a whole lot of fun. Eye liner pencils were invented for this reason, I'm sure.

Is this not the most hilarious thing you've ever seen? And my fabulous friends all suggested even more awesome things to do with Louie and an eye liner pencil. Angry eyebrows, long eyelashes... the fun has just begun here, my friends. 

We've got a stream that runs between the front lawn and the field, but mid summer like this it pretty much dries up. Luke got the garden hose and made a mud pit in it today, then invited the dogs to play with him.

Louie wasn't as enamored with the mud as the girls were. Mostly because he slipped and fell in it while running. Goofus. The dogs spent the afternoon playing under the shade of a large pear tree away from the evil mud that threatened to eat one of them.

And oh my gosh, LOUIE'S EYEBROWS. I die of the hilarity every time I see him. Does this mean that I'm easily amused? Simple minded? Both? Who cares! 

Micah just loves the dogs. He's so my boy. He plays with them every chance he gets, and takes time out to personally hug them all daily. This makes up for the daily occurrences when he tries to engage them in sword fights or dart battles. The lack of opposable thumbs keeps them from participating fully in those sorts of activities. Mostly, they just run for their lives.

Everyone took a break to rest. Shade on a hot summer day is awesome.

So how is your summer going?

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