Halloween in September

I was scrolling through Pinterest to find a way to make a ghost dog for the front lawn this evening. That was a fail, by the way. Turns out, there is a total lack of ghostly lawn ornaments in the shape of dogs. You'd think there'd be a market for that. There sure is a market for skeletons of dogs, because they're everywhere. I'd rather have a ghost, though. Because I want to be difficult.

Micah was watching me scroll the 'net. He was looking at doggie Halloween costumes and choosing which ones he wanted for each dog. He is pretty sure one of ours needs to be a pirate. He is rather fascinated with the dogs dressing up, and has already twisted my arm into buying 2 costumes for the reluctant canine victims. He almost talked me into a third costume while at Walmart today. It was a sock monkey that strapped on to look like it was riding the dog. Hilarious. Anyway, Micah was all sorts of excited about the costumes for the dogs, because he loves dressing up, and he naturally assumes that everyone else loves dressing up, too. Including the dogs.

That's about the time I told Luke that we should get the Halloween decor out of the attic. He agreed. I asked Micah to come help, and the boy willingly followed me upstairs to the hallway. When he saw me reaching for the pull cord to the attic steps, he clapped his hands and jumped up and down with glee.  That is not a metaphor. It was literal. Micah loves Halloween. And Christmas. And all the decor that goes with the respective holidays.

It was Luke, however, who made the evening. He declared that the kids should always decorate for Halloween while wearing Halloween costumes. So they did. Batman and Spiderman assisted with the decorating this year.

And hush with the "it's not even October" comments yet. I'm well aware. And obviously am unconcerned about that.

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HalfAsstic.com said...

I think decorating for Halloween is perfectly acceptable! Even encouraged! But, I still can't wrap my mind around the stores putting out all the Christmas stuff already...