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The start of the school year brings all sorts of new things our way, as it does at your house, too, I'm sure. New shoes and backpacks, new colds and germs.... You know, all the standard back-to-school stuff.

But because we are overachievers up in here, we take that "colds and germs" stuff and raise the bar. Colds and germs are for other families. We prefer stitches and crutches, apparently.

On the first day of school, last Tuesday, we were in the emergency room. That's how we roll. It was after school hours, and totally unrelated to school, which is good. It made for a late night getting to bed, but we all now know that wrestling someone who is holding scissors is not a good idea. The nephew sprung a sneak attack on Luke, who was taking my exceptionally large and slightly-dulled-and-donated-for-house-use sewing scissors into his room to cut paper with. Luke threw up his hand to defend himself, and the nephew impaled his hand onto the closed scissors. There was a lot of blood, the nephew nearly blacked out because he does that when he's injured, and we realized at the ER that the scissors went the whole way through his hand and stopped just before breaking skin on the backside. Epic, no? If you're going to do something, do it right. We walked out with just 2 stitches, because scissors aren't that huge. Even large sewing scissors. But the depth warranted stitches, which is why we spent the evening in the emergency department.

It's healing nicely. Thanks for asking. We'll be removing the stitches in a few days.

Today is Tuesday, the second week of school, and we spent the evening at the emergency room. This is becoming a habit, and quite frankly, I am not loving it. Luke was to be watching Sam back the truck and trailer into the parking spot here at the house, and for whatever dumb reason he thought was a good one, was standing BETWEEN the truck and trailer. He got his leg a bit squashed. Sam was fairly certain that he broke a bone, but thank goodness he did not. For so many, many reasons. It's sore, obviously, but not nearly as bad as it could be. Sam and I walked out with a note for Luke to be off school tomorrow and out of gym for a week. Luke hobbled out with a knee brace and crutches.

I'm seeing a trend here. Or maybe two. First of all, on weeks that Tuesday is the first day of school, we seem to like visiting the emergency department. Thankfully we only have a few more of those left in the entire school year. Second, boys are idiots. I read once that if you raise boys to the age of adulthood and they're still alive, you've succeeded as a parent. I thought it was a joke, back when my kids were toddlers. I find this far less amusing now that they're in the brainless-teenage stage.

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wendy said...

Love your post!! Glad everyone is okay!!