It's Going To Be A Looooong Month

I made a mistake. I broke out the Holiday Merry the other week. (Was that just last week? Life, man. It's been so very crazy here and I have lost all track of time.)

Micah was incredibly excited about all the HoHoHo, because that boy loves Christmas. And it's not just the gifts that he gets, because he loves all the decor and twinkle just like I do.

That's my boy. :)

But things aren't progressing the way Micah wants them to. The big tree isn't up. There are still boxes of fun things in the spare room. (Which was turned into a bedroom for Micah, which he doesn't sleep in, so it's a spare room again. For now. Only set up for Micah to sleep in should he ever choose to.) Anyhoo... things aren't progressing the way Micah wants them to. Tonight he brought me a few rolls of wrapping paper. Clearly, we need some gifts under those trees that I have up.

I made him put the wrap away, because I'm just not ready to wrap gifts. Especially while I'm making dinner.

And then someone told Micah that Santa was coming. My gosh, I thought telling him that he could trick-or-treat 2 weeks early was bad. Guys, we've got over a month until Christmas, and Micah thinks that Santa is coming tomorrow. Or perhaps as late as this weekend. And this weekend won't even be Thanksgiving.

It's time to make an advent string of something, and pray that it works.

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