The Best Things Are Always Unplanned

Because holidays just aren't ever stressful enough, I have to up the stress factor by adding in all sorts of random and stupid things just because I can. I think I have a quest to see where my breaking point is. I learned some things this year, though.

1. If I host a meal in the evening rather than at midday, I have plenty of time to add in random and stupid things and still make dinner to feed the masses.

2. I prefer to do everything myself. I know that many hands make light work and all that, but apparently, while very much appreciated, when other cooks are in my kitchen, I get stressed. I didn't even know this until today. My kids help out, guests have helped out, family helps out, and I love this. But today I did it all myself because I wasn't in a hurry and didn't really need the help anyway, and turns out I was able to sit down at the meal and smile pleasantly rather than feeling frazzled and at wit's end. Apparently my life's motto would be too many cooks spoil the broth. I just don't do well with bumping into others in the kitchen, directing and getting things for other while trying to do my own thing as well, finding something else for someone to do when a chore is finished.... I'm a turtle, just plodding on and getting it all done. So there's that.

Part of the random and stupid today was a photo shoot this morning of the kids. We make calendars every year for the grandparents, and since we procrastinated immensely I am now trying to squeeze in a dozen photos of all the kids together. This is way harder than it seems. When 3 of the 5 kids drive, that means at least one of them isn't home at any given time. I got tired of trying to schedule photos only to have someone say, "not, that time doesn't work for me," so I told them to argue it over amongst themselves and let me know when a good time would be. They chose Thanksgiving morning at 8:30, so I made it happen. After that I rearranged furniture and made homemade cinnamon rolls and cleaned the laundry room, because those things need to be done before company arrives, you know.

Welcome to my world. Nothing ever makes sense here. Even as I'm doing things, I question my own sanity, and then just sit back and let myself do the stupid because I know there's no stopping it. But hey, cinnamon rolls are delish and the laundry room looks great.

Don't worry, I eventually scrubbed the floor, the stove, and the bathroom, dusted, made pumpkin pies, and cooked dinner. So yes, it all got done.

As we were taking photos this morning, though, I asked the kids to stop a minute under the arch on the front walk for a quick snapshot. You guys, if I'd have asked the kids to do this for a nice holiday photo, it would have taken a dozen attempts and the photo would be crap in the end anyway. So OF COURSE I already have our holiday cards made, because THIS. They must have decided to pull off a Thanksgiving miracle.

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