Procrastination Paid Off. Finally.

Micah has a fun backpack with Marvel comics on it. He's been proud to carry that thing to school for the past year. I love that I got it from Lands' End and it has a lifetime guarantee, and also that I got it on clearance and only paid $15 for it. That thing has been in the win department since Day 1.

And then he came home from school Monday with a note that said the zipper on that backpack broke, and Micah was pretty disgruntled about that for quite a while during the school day. Nuts, man. Just nuts. But the big fat win of a lifetime guarantee was sparkling like icicles on Grandma's Christmas tree.

I called Lands' End and asked what to do to cash in on that guarantee, and they were kind enough to look up a date of purchase and order number for me because I didn't have that on hand. Their customer service is stellar.  I was told to send the broken pack to their return center, along with a note asking for either a gift card or another pack, my name, address, phone number, order number and order date. I could do that!

I had grand plans of doing that very thing the very next morning, but as plans always go, they were thwarted. I was busy doing this one thing quick and that other thing, too, and then the phone rang. It was Micah's school aide. Were his new glasses at home? Because they weren't in his bag today and she thought maybe they were left at school, but they weren't and she wanted to be sure they weren't lost on the bus. (She's a keeper as far as an aide goes. She's like a second mom to that boy. Or a third. Becky would definitely qualify as a second mom.) And that's when I realized that I didn't take his glasses case out of his backpack with the broken zipper. They were right there in the side pocket where we transport them back and forth to school.

Thank goodness that one thing distracted me and my multi tasking ADD kicked in so that I didn't actually get that backpack boxed and sent on it's way. One crises averted. Whew.

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