2014 In Review. In Words.

Now that we're 4 days into the new year, I should probably do a review of what 2014 was.

Fun. Life is always fun. I choose to see that part of life no matter what else goes on. There were some really not so fun things that happened, too, and while I'll carry the scars from those stressors for years and years to come, they didn't define the year. I think of all the fun I had instead of focusing on the negative.

Travel. Last year was filled with travel. Becky and I were in Texas. Sam and I were in Missouri and Minnesota. I was in Michigan. The family vacationed to South Carolina. It was fun, even if most of the trips were little more than a there-and-back. I enjoy seeing the country as I drive, watching the landscape change and experiencing new places.

Dogs. I'm fairly certain 2014 will be forever labeled The Year Of The Dog. It was the year we retired the corgis from the kennel, leaving us solely with the french bulldogs. It was the year we carefully planned and calculated and built the foundation stock of the kennel to be exactly what we wanted it to be, only to lose half of the dogs in one season. It was the year we hoped and planned and dreamed and then saw those dreams dashed, leaving us wonder what the future would hold. We're still waiting. The year the dogs planned life for us. That was 2014.

New Opportunities. Almost a whole year ago, in January, I opened a new Etsy store, making coats, toys and collars for dogs. I had no idea it would be as fun as it turned out to be. Creating things for dogs is even more fun than creating things for kids, which I still love and am doing with my original Etsy store. Diversity is good. And challenging.

Learning. I learned a few new skills last year. The year started with knitting lessons that soon fell by the wayside because, sadly, knitting made my hands go numb. I learned to make dog collars, which turned out to be a huge asset for the store, obviously. I learned to needle felt, and while I'd only made one thing I loved it, and have plans to make more. The year ended with candle making. This is going to be something that I'm going to love a little too much, I think. I spend way too many hours speculating about what fragrances I can mix together to make fabulous new scents the world has only dreamed about so far. Spoiler alert: Peppermint Vanilla wasn't the one.

Micah. Because as much as I'd love to say that our life doesn't revolve around the boy, I'd be wrong. Just like our life revolves around kids in general. If you're a parent, you know this. Life is not yours any longer. Last year, Micah had 2 sets of ear tubes, starting the year in January and ending the year in December. Eleven months is very close to his record of retaining those things so we're on the upswing again. That's good. The boy also got his own room when I moved the sewing studio to the basement, but he has yet to claim it for sleeping. So far it's just a fabulous playroom that we spent New Year's Day cleaning and he now takes great pride in organizing every night before bed.

That was the year of 2014. I wonder, on occasion, what 2015 will bring. But mostly I just take one day at a time and enjoy it to the fullest because I have learned in my short life that you never know what the next day will bring. Seize the one that you have.

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