But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

You know what I love? Getting photos of Micah's selfies on my phone when Becky texts them over to me.

Stop here just a minute. That last sentence would make no kind of sense at all if someone were to read it from 20 years ago. Selfie? Text? What are these things? Back in my day, we didn't use words like that. My, how life just keeps rolling on, no?

The boy just loves taking selfies with his sister. Me? Not so much. He does not like taking selfies with me. I deleted the ones I attempted to take because boy-howdy were they really awful. And blurred. Mostly because he kept trying to run away from me as I was trying to lean in for a picture of my youngest child and myself, together. Apparently that is not allowed to be immortalized forever on digital media.

But this? It can be. And has been. And it's awesome.

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