My Life In Comparison To My Dog's

That dog, in the spotlight, is my new envy. Sure, he's my dog. I love him dearly, although not quite as much as he loves me. That's how any relationship with a dog works. Guys, Louie has had two play dates in as many days this weekend, and I've barely been outside my house.

I mean, I did drive in the Mother Of All Whiteouts, because what fun would life be without a good adrenaline rush every now and again, but that was only because I needed to deliver something to somewhere. Other than that, I have been lifeless, and house-bound, and busily working away in the Batcave, as Luke calls my Sweat Shop In The Basement. I'm not complaining, just stating facts. I love being busy, really. I had some time today to relax and do whatever I wanted without anything too pressing demanding my time, and that's when I realized that I don't even know how to be Not Busy anymore. If I don't have a half dozen things that need done right now, I feel almost useless. Its weird. So I spent that down time by researching how to make a better candle, because apparently I need to be productive every minute of every day.

After Sam dug up the septic lines 3 days in a row, with progressively colder weather each day (including an hour's worth of septic line work in The Mother Of All Whiteouts, bless him), I think it's finally (FINALLY) fixed. After his hour in the below zero temps this morning, we showered (yeah! A shower! We can run water again!) and drove to Pittsburgh to take advantage of that Christmas gift I got him. If you've not heard Tim Hawkins, you should. The comedian is pure gold. He's on You Tube, and if you don't watch anything else, watch this one. So that was our Christmas-Valentine's-We Deserved A Break Today get away, and it was much needed. Also, it was very nice to drive to Pittsburgh for the day to see temps above zero degrees.

So I guess I had a date, too, and Louie isn't really the only lucky one here. It was a good weekend all around. Sure, it was cold and we weren't able to run water at all for a while, but everyone is healthy and everything else is trivial. I hope your weekend can boast as much.

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