My Two Boys

Micah is going through a phase where he won't stay at grandma & pap's house without Luke there with him. He won't stay at a church event unless I stay there, too. He just needs the security of a family member to be with him, even at very comfortable and familiar places. Who even knows how long this phase will last, because with DS, phases can last a few weeks or a few years. Like Woody being the best friend of a 12 year old. What 12 year old carries a security item with them? Some do, but most don't. But the needy phase is a real one for Micah right now, even as independent as he's becoming in so many other areas.

The yellow dog that has attached himself to me is very much the same. Louie needs to be with me. That's the long and short of it. If I'm upstairs, he needs to be upstairs. If I'm in the sewing room, he needs to be there, too. If I'm in the shower, he sits on the bath mat waiting, occasionally peeking in around the shower curtain to be sure I didn't accidentally slip down the drain. (As if!) Sometimes, if he's sleeping and I walk out of the room, he'll frantically run all through the house until he finds me. I'll either call him to me to put calm his fears, or quietly stand there and watch him panic for a minute. Messing with the dog (or my kids) is a hilarious thing to do on occasion.

I'm fairly certain that Louie and Micah are one and the same being, manifested in different species. They're like trans-species brothers. Micah can't sleep without touching someone, and I realized that Louie is the same. (Yes, he slept in my bed at BlogPaws. He does not here at home. We have pet allergies. He's crated so that Sam can sleep AND breathe at night.) The two boys have a lot in common. It's kind of freaky.

I made Micah lay down for a nap yesterday, and he insisted that Louie join him. This was the result. Both were happy as tired little clams.

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Cindy said...

Such a sweet post, a boy and his dog. :) Great picture too!