STOP In The Name Of Humanity

I feel there is something that needs to be said. There is an epidemic in our town (and perhaps yours as well) that is becoming more and more dangerous. Today, I was nearly run over, while walking with Micah.

Was I walking down the center of the street? NO.

Was I trying to cross the street just as the light changed? NO

Was I trying to get into my car, parked along the street, and oncoming traffic nearly took the door off the van? NO.

I was, in fact, AT A CROSS WALK. You know, the place designated for people to cross the street. The place that is plainly marked on the road in white paint for people to cross safely to the other side. These places are called Pedestrian Crosswalks. Cars, legally, are required to stop for people (also known as pedestrians) in these painted spaces.

Was I outside the crosswalk, attempting to cross ten feet up the street at a more convenient place? NO.

In fact, it gets worse. An elderly gentleman with a cane, who merely shuffled as he walked, was actually in the crosswalk when this car came up, impatiently stopped with their bumper hovering above the white line marking one border where pedestrians are supposed to be safe, and floored the gas as soon as the poor gentleman was out of her car's bumper range. I was just about to step foot into the crosswalk myself.


I live in a small town. I know the person who did this. This is a law abiding person. And yet, it seems, that nobody understands what this sign means.

Be safe out there, people. And if you're in the driver's seat, don't risk another person's life. No matter your situation, nothing is so important that you have to mow down another human being to get to your destination that quickly.

I also want to give a standing ovation to the greater New England area for perfecting this skill of stopping for peds who are crossing the street. It is first nature for them, and sure makes getting around towns so much easier when on foot. Can you please teach our town these impeccable manners, and concern for fellow mankind?

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