The Weekend Retreat

Sam and I took a weekend away at my parents' cabin, just to relax a bit and get away. It's always nice to do that. I took Louie with me, because that dog stresses when I leave him. I thought I was doing him a favor. Poor Louie. He just had a miserable weekend wondering where on earth we were, why the other dogs weren't with us, if we were ever going to return home... He wasn't any too happy, and protested by not eating anything for 3 days. He barely even drank anything. I'd say that dog needs to get out more, but I kind of take him with me any chance I get, so he's just got a personality that doesn't like change, I think. Spoiler alert: he lived. And he's glad he's home.

Sam and I had a much better time than Louie did, however. We should make more time to get away, especially when accommodations are free. Despite the fact that just sitting around a cabin for a few days and do nothing more than prop our feet up and enjoy the roaring fire, we headed into town to shop as well as relax. Shopping is relaxing, if done right.

Downtown Bedford is full of a whole lot of fun locally owned shops filled with handmade goodies. We window shopped, and browsed, and generally had a wonderful time. We got a whole lot of marketing ideas for our candle business and shopped for some display set-ups for upcoming craft shows. We treated Louie to a hot dog at Sheetz, and let him come into a pet friendly store with us just to make his day. (It did not. I pushed him in a Cart Of Death, which he tried to jump out of. He eventually learned to sit quietly and enjoy it, but it wasn't a great time had by all.) I'd say the purchase of the weekend was the toffee covered peanuts we bought at a candy shop. Partly because that's the only thing we did buy besides business related items. Browsing is good for the budget.

And then we blew the whole budget thing when we hit up the local discount grocery store, but we had that stop planned ahead of time and I had my grocery money ready. When you're feeding the 5,000, it's always good to have a freezer full of ... anything, really. The kids just eat. That's what they do, and I shop to keep them fed. So it was a successful weekend all around, even if we thought we broke the wood burner door (we didn't, but we did unhinge it to realize that), and nearly got stuck in the driveway after a snow storm on Friday night (Sam had to push the van out while I drove). The kind neighbor plowed the drive while we were out shopping, and that's such a great thing because they have so few neighbors where they live. (That's part of the reason I love staying there.)

Relaxing. The weekend was just relaxing. And I've got to make time to do that far more often. Sewing and house work and Easter dramas and craft show business and kids and dogs and cooking can all wait for a few days while I re energize my batteries, right?

The 'Stache Bash

Luke turned 14 in December. In case I didn't mention that here, it happened. I was waiting for the boy to just take off and start growing like a weed on Miracle Grow, but that didn't happen last year. It's happening this year, though. That thing where I wake up one morning and realize I have to look up to him when the previous day I was looking eye-to-eye is happening. And then I blink, and my neck is permanently kinked with looking what seems like straight up at the sky from my diminutive height. Boys grow a few inches a day, I think, once they start growing.

Not only is Luke growing taller, but he's growing more mature in other ways as well. He's not so much the Drama Queen that he once was, and we're grateful for that. (Yes, queen. He's girl kind of dramatic with it, so Drama King is a bit unrealistic in describing what he was.) He's started hiding out in his room far more often now, and he sleeps in until mid morning if nobody wakes him. He's definitely suffering with teenitis.

He's also growing quite the 'stache. Or he was. He'd asked us for a razor toward the beginning of the school year, but he really had nothing to shave at that point so I procrastinated and dawdled, and then woke up one day and was looking straight at a molestache on the upper lip of my 14 year old, and I didn't like it one bit. I bought him a pack of razors. Except that was in November and he declared that it was No Shave November, and he proceeded to take my book of pages and procrastinated and dawdled.

We finally decided to share the book, got on the same page, and he's been shaving off that creeper 'stache as often as necessary. We're all grateful.

Micah got out of the shower the other night and his lower lip was bleeding. Not bad, just a teeny drop of blood every now and again forming to freak the poor boy out. It clearly wasn't bitten or cracked from dryness or anything else visible, so I took a quick peek at my razors. Yup. Not positioned the way I would have put them back. So Micah has been watching Luke shave, and decided to do something about his upper lip, too. Except he shaved his lower lip instead. And nicked himself.

I find this highly amusing for some odd reason. And I'm also hiding my razors.

In Another Life...

I'm wishing I could spend the day here, rather than working. This is Exhibit A in Real Life: Your Birthday Is Not About What You Want. Because if that were the case, I'd just wish myself here:

But since I can neither wish myself anywhere I want in the world, nor can I skip work to play in my own back yard of natural beauty, I'm very happy that I will at least be able to spend the day with these people:


Because those people are my 6 favorite people in the whole wide world, and it doesn't matter if we're here or there or anywhere else. As long as we're together, it's a wonderful way to spend a birthday. I fear my birthdays of family togetherness are numbered, so I'm loving 2015 just a little more because of that.