Like A Boss

Micah complained about something in his mouth this evening as he was having a snack after church. A quick look from dad revealed a loose tooth. A quick wiggle from me revealed that it was quite loose indeed. I simply extracted my finger and walked away. Micah's previous experience with loose teeth ranged in the "what just fell out of my mouth" arena, and he has tossed them in the trash can or kicked them under shelves in aisles at Walmart. Yes, I was then on my hands and knees fishing it out because I didn't want some  store employee finding that when they swept. This is the part of parenthood nobody tells you about when you're excitedly expecting your first child. It ranks up there with catching vomit in your hands. Nobody knows why moms do these things, but it's programmed into our DNA somehow.

After Micah's snack, I made him brush his teeth and get pajamas on, then sent him to bed. Thankfully the tooth didn't come out yet. It wasn't loose enough to swallow while he slept, so that was a blessing.

And then he came into our room, proudly holding his tooth in his fingers. He had already shown Luke and Josh, he was that thrilled with himself. He really has no idea that pulling a tooth is a celebratory thing. In Micah's world, he just fixed a problem. His nail is chipped? Get the nail clippers. A tag bothers him in a shirt? Cut it out. A tooth wiggles? Pull it. Simple solutions to life's problems.

I'm also grateful that it didn't bleed much, because he's never happy when he sees his own blood. He's not freaked out, but it goes back to the Simple Easy Fix thing. Can he stop it? No? OH MY GOSH IT'S STILL BLEEDING. The fact that he thinks band aids are worse than the original injury make life so much more difficult for us. So again, I'm grateful that it didn't bleed much, when he pulled that loose tooth.

I'm thinking boys with Down syndrome who pull their own teeth like bosses are entitled to $5 gift cards from Sheetz. I'm sure he'll agree.

Happy Little Golfers

With the break in the rain yesterday, I took the boys mini golfing. We're desperately trying to get our summer on despite the fact that summer isn't wearing all that well. Plus the boys had coupons for a free round of golf that expired today, so yesterday looked like the perfect day to use those.

Micah has no qualms at all about cheating. He doesn't even care about prospering, so that old line isn't going to phase him in the least. His goal is to get the ball in the hole, and he doesn't stop until he does, whether that takes 10 strokes or whether it's anyone else's turn. He's a focused individual. His idea of competition is trying to be the first to tee off.

I also learned that he golfs right handed. While he's truly ambidextrous, he chose his left as his preferred when the school made him pick one for writing. Maybe someone should teach him to golf left handed. I wonder if that would help his game? Although his game isn't too incredibly bad, all things considered.

There was the super fun hole where a narrow bridge went across the stream. The bridge didn't have sides on it. You can imagine the fun of this shot. Micah is a thinker, so he gently pushed his ball right up to the edge of the bridge with his putter, then picked up the ball and bowled it across. HE WINS! I gave him full points for creativity.

We were going to go to a drive-in movie this evening as another summer event to cross off our bucket list, but the rain came back. It's just not a good experience to watch a movie through a fogging window and windshield wipers. There's always the year 2028 for summer activities. The rain should be done by then, right?

The Day The Rain Stopped

I am happy to report that it's only rained twice so far this summer. Once for 2 weeks, and then again for 3 weeks. Today was a happy break in the rainy forecast, and my gosh was it ever a good day.

My foot injury has finally healed, and it was so fortunate that it was in conjunction with the break in the weather. Louie and I went for a brisk walk this morning as a start to a brand new week. I also realized that I'll never be a runner. I tried so hard to be one, and actually enjoyed it, which was quite the shocking revelation. Despite everything inside my head saying, "don't you dare do it!," I tried running anyway. While I didn't injure myself, I could definitely feel the inkling of a threat from my plantar muscles, and I've learned the hard way that they're not muscles that you want holding a grudge against you. They can really mess you up. Considering that I was running to get into shape to hike Europe, it would be the height of stupidity to injure myself trying to run to get into shape, and NOT be able to hike Europe.

Did you get lost?

So Louie and I walked, and I will greatly enjoy that as well. It's easier to stop and take pictures when I walk, at least. Louie really enjoyed running, too, because he tried encouraging me to go faster.

That's Louie, way up there, mocking me with his superior speed.
All the rain has taken it's toll. The lake is exceptionally high, the trail is washed out at places, and some trees have just fallen over from the ground being so soft. I will always be able to find beauty in nature, however.

I regret not taking a real camera. The phone's quality is lacking.
 Even driving was something to smile hard about, because look. What's there NOT to smile about there? Summertime, blue skies, white clouds, rolling hills, green fields, farmland... All the things that I love so much. If you scratch and sniff, you can smell the clean country air.

I ended my day with a yoga class. What? You didn't know I did yoga? I didn't either. I figured if I can't do high impact things like running, then low impact things like yoga would be good, right? My body knows itself better than I do, apparently, and has requested that I stop trying to kill it slowly. Nobody was more shocked to learn that yoga is my thing. I think partly because of the instructor and amazing ladies in the class. I have zero coordination, very little balance, and am very much lacking in core strength. Turns out, those are all good reasons to take yoga. My muscles loved every minute of the class, and even my over-active always-running brain calmed for a few minutes to rest and relax. I was actually afraid that I'd forget All The Things if I let my brain stop running at 163 mph, but I didn't. That was very relieving.

Tomorrow brings the rains back, so I'll be in the workshop with no windows, pretending that it's not raining yet again. Maybe we'll get another break this summer and I can be out in the great outdoors enjoying the blue skies and feel the sun on my skin.