Independence Will Be Taken Back, My Son

Micah has that love affair with Sheetz. I have come to realize that he especially likes the touch screen ordering kiosks because he can navigate that independently to get what he wants rather than relying on us to translate to a waitress. That is beginning to irk him, and he needs to just start carrying his Voice with him so that he doesn't have to rely on us. He's not a fan of carrying the Voice anywhere besides school, so we'll have to work on changing that.

We were at McDonalds the other day for ice cream and Micah had his own money to spend, courtesy of Grandma's Easter basket. With his own money, he wanted to do his own ordering, and it wasn't ice cream. He ordered a chicken sandwich and fries. When he says "chicken" it sounds like "she-k." We know what he means, but to the general public it sounds like gibberish. Or "milkshake," which is what the cashier though he said. That cashier got tons of brownie points that day. First of all, he listened to Micah and tried to translate on his own rather than looking over Micah's head and asking us what the strange-sounding boy wanted to order. I had to clarify that Micah wanted a chicken sandwich, and Micah got all sorts of mad at me for intruding on his independence. The cashier also got bonus points for then realizing that Micah wanted to do things all by himself and looked at Micah and said, "that'll be $3.59." That small boy of mine was incredibly proud to hand over his fistful of dollars and pay for it all by himself.

It was about that time that I realized that Micah needed a Sheetz gift card in his Easter basket. Not only could he order by himself there, but he could pay for it as well.

So we were at Sheetz last night after soccer because I promised Micah that if he went out and finished practice after coming to sit in the bleachers with me mid-way through the hour that I'd take him for a pop at Sheetz. He requested a hot dog as well, which I originally nixed and then remembered that he hadn't eaten dinner before we left and it was nearing bedtime, so spending an extra $1 for 2 hot dogs would be in my best interest. But I was adamant that he wasn't spending an extra 80 cents for bacon on his hot dogs. He will, you know, if you don't watch him with those touch screens. And sure enough, he added bacon. Thankfully they have a "back" button, which I pushed, and I deleted the bacon right off his hot dogs. Knowing that *that* was taken care of, I went to my own touch screen kiosk and ordered a smoothie.

I paid for our things, I got my custom made smoothie, Luke got his hot dogs, and we waited for Micah's. And we waited. And we waited some more. And that's when I looked at my receipt because I was wondering why my bill was so high for two sets of $1 hot dogs and drinks. That stinker of a son of mine ordered a fry platter with his hot dogs because I nixed his bacon.

He will be losing his independence in the touch-screen kiosk rights in the near future, that boy will.

And then, to suck up, he gave those fries to daddy when he got home just to show me that he only thinks of others and not himself. Unfortunate for him, I'm not that easily duped. That boy.

The Easter Weekend

The kids were out of school early on Thursday and off on Friday in honor of the Easter holiday. Micah needed this break from school so badly you can't even imagine. He's at the point where he is very ready for summer break to be here, and quite frankly, so am I. Sadly, it's still 7 weeks away. Those are going to be 7 incredibly long weeks for all involved.

Our Easter break started out just awesomely. On Friday morning as I was unloading the dishwasher, Micah had a little accident in his underpants. He dropped his drawers and showed me the sharty under drawers, so I told him to to to the bathroom to clean up. He locked himself in the pantry. There is no possible good he could be doing in there with soiled underpants so I opened the door to check. I was right. He was using a kitchen towel to clean up with. While eating chips.

I ran to town shortly after that to buy some eggs to color since the fresh ones from the hen house are too fresh. Who knew that would be a problem? Turns out farm fresh eggs don't peel well when hard boiled, and it would be an epic waste to boil up 5 dozen eggs, color them, attempt to peel them, and end up tossing them in the trash. So we colored eggs with the kids that were home because when you've got teenagers, you just roll with things. If we waited until the whole family was together for things like this, we'd still be waiting to open Christmas gifts. I tried keeping an eye on the time, knowing that we were having Easter dinner with my family that evening.

At 2:00 I realized that I'd put the ham in the freezer that mom had bought the night before. Frozen ham isn't going to both thaw and bake in 4 hours. I ran to town again, this time for more ham. I picked up an iced caramel macchiato while in town, because I could. I promptly put the ham in the oven when I got home and went to shower. Stupidly, I didn't crate Louie while I was upstairs and he pooped at the foot of the steps. In case you're unaware, that's a super fabulous location for ultimate step-in-it potential. I fulfilled his expectations, and thusly punished myself for leaving him alone downstairs and unattended while I showered.

Mom doesn't know that we didn't use her ham. Don't tell her.

Mom also brought over 3 plastic eggs filled with candy for the kids. We don't have 3 kids. We have more than that. I'm still uncertain who the eggs were for. We've even got more dogs than that, so it wasn't a doggie gift. Also, it has just occurred to me that hiding eggs with dog treats inside would be SO MUCH FUN. I should make that happen at some point.

Micah took those 3 plastic eggs and hid them outside because Easter egg hunts rock. He patiently waited until after we ate dinner with the family and invited his cousin and Luke to go gather eggs with him. His cousin declined, but Luke was game. Micah ran directly to where he hid them (he's so good at this game!) and put all 3 in his basket. He's not about saving any for those who didn't find them first. Nor is he very much into differing hiding locations. But he rocks the egg hunt when he's the one who hides them, that's for sure!

On Saturday I decided that since most of the kids were home we'd do some spring cleaning. Its long overdue, and I don't mean "spring has been around for nearly a month according to the calendar." I mean "I haven't deep cleaned the house since 2013." At least not in large chunks or entire rooms at a time. We washed windows, cleaned ceiling fans, cleaned the top of the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets, hosed off and scrubbed dog crates, washed curtains, and moved furniture to scrub the laminate flooring underneath it. And then I had the bright idea to host Sam's family dinner here instead of going to the in-laws because it would be fun. And THEN I went to town to get plastic eggs to host an Easter egg hunt here since we donated all we had to the church for a similar purpose. Funny how it always takes so much longer in town than you think it will. The house was still rather in a topsy-turvy state when family descended, but that's fine because at least they see that I really do clean on occasion.

Also, I'm disturbed by the fact that I cleaned all day and the house doesn't look any different. And not because it really wasn't dirty to begin with. Trust me. IT WAS. And pretty much still is. THAT's the disturbing part. I am convinced that nothing short of re-painting all the walls and laying new flooring will make the house look better. I have the paint. I'm just too lazy to make it happen. Volunteers, anyone?

That Easter egg hunt on Saturday night was a bigger production than the Friday night one. While the smallest kids hunted eggs, the adults sat around the patio firepit enjoying the cool but definitely not snowy weather. It was a relaxing time had by all, which is always so nice.

Sunday morning in church, right after the offeratory prayer, Micah used Josh's phone to call Pappy, who was sitting directly behind us. The extra terrestrial ringtone was hilarious in the otherwise silent auditorium. Josh confiscated his phone after that just to b sure Micah didn't call anyone else who was sitting in church.

Tomorrow the kids go back to school. I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I doubt Micah is either. We're just ready for summer vacation so that every day can involve some sort of awesome adventure. What did we do for entertainment before kids were part of our family?