Kitten Update!

So these kittens. Is that all I'm talking about lately? I have such a boring life, apparently, that if one introduces two fluffy balls of adorable that's all I can talk about. Good grief.

Turns out, I'm totally not a cat person. Even the fact that they're two fluffy balls of adorable isn't helping with the OH MY GOSH, KITTENS. 

The wee guys are living in my basement until they get used to people in general, and our family in particular. They need to be integrated with the dogs, too. Eventually they'll move outside where they'll live and catch mice and do what cats do. We want them to love our home and stick around. For now, however, they're in the basement. The basement is also my workshop. Half of it is candle making stuff and the other half is sewing stuff. 

Kittens love sewing stuff. OHMYGOSH.

Merlin and Fenway are huge fans of crinkly noises, like all kittens are. The plastic bag the fabric is in that I need to make Josh a blanket with has been shredded. The pattern for a dog coat that I cut out has been eaten and torn. I retrieved it from under the cutting table where they hid it.

Merlin and Fenway are fans of ribbon, like all kittens are. How do they know it's fun ribbon when it's rolled up and taped and looks like a ball? How do they know it's fun ribbon when it's folded and folded and folded again and rubber banded around the middle and doesn't string out when they play with it? I DON'T KNOW. I do know, however, that they're fascinated with ribbon and have ribbon at the bottom of the steps, under the candle table, under the cutting table, on the sofa, under the sofa... I'll never find all the ribbon that those kittens hid.

Merlin and Fenway found the trash. They tipped over the trash can and scattered it's contents across the basement floor. There is crumpled paper and bits of fabric and all sorts of trash all over the place, because kittens are stinkers that way.

I cannot put things up out of reach from kittens like I do puppies. I cannot contain kittens when I'm overtired of their shenanigans like I do puppies. They've proven to be escape artists. At least from the variety of cages that we have for puppies. Kittens are just mischievous wee stinkers, which makes them totally adorable when they live elsewhere but not in my house.

Tomorrow, Merlin and Fenway will be introduced to the great outdoors called Our Patio for a few hours. It's time the basement was cleaned. 

The Sign In The Van

The van, that is getting older by the day, came with a few fun features that previous vehicles did not. Considering that we haven't owned anything new since 1992, this isn't saying much. When I say "fun features" I mean that it has a rear window defrost, heated seats, AC and other things that come as standard with vehicles we've never owned before.

Micah is a gadget kind of guy. He loves buttons and knobs and dials, and pretty much instinctively knows how to use them and what they're for. It's pretty impressive, really. I can't even turn the TV on to watch a movie without having to ask the kids which remote does what. (True story.)

There is a button on the dash panel that look like this.

Micah is fascinated with that button. He tries to imitate what that hand is signing, and pretty much just gives the I Love You sign. He'll hold his hand down near it, trying to copy exactly what it says. He finally realized that it's a button that you need to push, which is odd since he's all about buttons. I guess to a nonverbal kid, signs come before buttons? He started out making the sign and then pushing the button, and has since graduated on to just pushing the button when he remembers it's there. 

The unfortunate thing is that it's far, far too hot to have his seat warmer turned on. His wee bottom has to get so uncomfortable.