Welcome to my world. I'm a work-from-home mom trying to find time to sleep while juggling a few jobs and the kids. Life here is crazy, but I've realized that anything less is just plain boring. I do wish, however, that I could wake in the morning under my own steam and not by the youngest slamming our bedroom door so as not to wake us before sneaking downstairs at the crack of dawn.

I've been married 20 wondrous years, but I don't talk about Sam much here. I use this space to record the kids' growing-up years, and someday they'll look back and thank me. Or ask for therapy money.

Becky is 18. She was born while Sam was stationed with the Air Force in Alaska. That doesn't make her an Eskimo. It does, however, make her our eldest. And our only daughter.

Josh is 16 and is the quiet type. He's a sports enthusiast and a lover of the outdoors. He's also a chick magnet but we don't like to inflate his ego any more than it already is, so we don't talk much about that.

Luke is 12 and very much the drama king. Life with him is never dull, mostly because of that fun artist mentality that he has going on. You just never know what hairbrained idea he'll hatch, but he keeps our walls in artwork so we're happy.

Micah is 10 and still considered my baby. I'll refer to him as the baby despite his advancing age, but that's because he's in a loop of toddlerhood that we're hoping he grows out of soon. His Down syndrome has been one of the single biggest blessings we've encountered in parenting, but it's left him completely speechless. What he lacks in verbal skills he makes up for in personality.

Our nephew spends most of his free time here, which is ironic since he has cable and we have 3.5 TV channels that are fuzzy on good days, but since he's only partly ours, I don't mention him often. He'll crop up in photos every now and then, and if I refer to the fact that we have 5 kids, or 3 teens, it's a direct reference to our 4th son.

We live on a few acres in the mountains just east of Pittsburgh. I have a few too many dogs, but raising puppies kind of requires them to be here. Corgis  are my dog of choice, but the french bulldog has managed to wiggle it's way in here as well.


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