The Store

Funny name for a blog, huh? The Rocking Pony. Who comes up with this stuff?

Well, me.

I homeschooled the kids for years, and then one day circumstances conspired against me and we sent them to school. In a grand attempt to keep boredom at bay, I dusted off my sewing machine and opened a store on Etsy. I christened it The Rocking Pony, and the blog started from that. I deleted the early posts relating to that. You're welcome.

What do I make? Stuff for kids, of course. A few things for the nursery, bibs and burpers, and a whole closet full of shirts. My kids inspire my designs and wear them with pride. There are a whole lot of other kids across the world wearing them as well. They seem to be a huge hit with the younger crowd. Go figure.

You can find me at

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But because sewing for kids isn't enough, I decided to start sewing for the dogs, too. That other Etsy shop I have going is called Darla Jane's. Why yes, it is named after our brindle french bulldog. She's a dear and deserved to be immortalized that way. You can find coats, collars, toys and beds for your own best friend there. And everything I make is tested on my pack of frenchies because if it can pass the bully test, it's going to be top quality. Those french types really know how to test a product.