Another First Day of School

This is my 3rd first day of school in my parenting career. I know what you're thinking - that I'm such a young mom, my oldest is in 2nd grade and I'm also thin and have perfect hair. Thank you, I'm flattered.

But the fact remains that I homeschooled for most of my mom career. Last year we put all the kids in school. Even the baby was in preschool. (We did one year in private school the year the baby was born, and that was our first first day of school.) I'm pushing 40, my oldest is going into 6th grade and I am not so thin. (But it's the kids fault.) My hair has never been perfect and I've given up the fight. Hairbands are a huge help with this.

So anyway... Today was a nostalgic moment as I watched the kids troop up the drive to meet the bus. I realized that it means we're all another year older. I'm more okay with myself aging than my kids aging. Who gave them permission to grow up before my very eyes?

The baby did so very well this year. He got on his van with nary a complaint, and when he was dropped off this afternoon he turned around and waved at the driver. He's growing up, too. I cannot imagine that some day he'll be in real school and will be gone all day.

But one thing is universal. The pantry and fridge get raided the minute kids walk in the door. Good thing I had those cookies waiting. :)

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Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Now you make a great Mommy - Mmmmm cookies!