A Day Out

I had errands to run today before the hectic weekend. I put on one of my beautiful headbands to pull my unstyled hair up and headed out the door.

What I didn't realize was that I had SUCKER stamped across my forehead. How was I to know?

I first became aware that something was amiss at the Farm Store. I needed dewormer for the horses, and leather oil. The manager made a buy one get one free deal on leather wipes but I didn't think they would clean as well as elbow grease and real cleaners so I declined. (My sister used to wonder where she could purchase elbow grease. It sounded just like something she should have.) Apparently because of the stamp on my exposed forehead, the manager felt he should make a better effort. A dollar a can. Yep. The sucker took it. Now what will I do with them?

In the Super Store I needed a zipper and ingredients for pasta salad. Eighty dollar later I was out of there. Who can pass by the fabrics without getting some? Okay, most people can. But you see, I have this obsession with textiles. I cannot simply walk away without looking, touching, lusting and usually purchasing. My sewing room can attest to my addiction. It's overflowing.

I was almost home when Starbucks called from over the hill. Well any sucker will fall for that one! And I'm not just any sucker so I was there with bells on. But hey, it's 90 degrees out there and the humidity is a killer. When you live in the mountains you're not used to that kind of weather and nothing cools you down like a frappuccino. Except maybe a pool, but I've discussed that already and it's not really an option. (The sucker forgot chlorine tablets today at the Super Store, and the reservoir gets murkier. It was the fabric; I was all in a tizzy.)

And on the way home I saw the cutest thing. At the end of our road was a little boy sporting his Crocs. Nothing else. It's nice to know I'm not the only one raising a nudist in the neighborhood. Now I can hold my head up when in public knowing that I'm obviously raising my children right here in the redneck part of the woods.


onemotherslove said...

Ha! Love the photo! Hey, our WM super stores are closing down the fabric departments & selling practically all the fabric for $1-3/yd. I can't hardly keep away!

The Rocking Pony said...

WOW! So, where do you live? haha

Ours was supposed to be closing the fabrics but they keep adding more all the time. We've even got chenille now! I think they've redecided because of the Amish.