15 Years, Baby

It's our anniversary today. I cannot believe that 15 years have slipped by that fast. And on the other hand it seems as though we've been together forever, in a good way. What a wonderful man I married.

So how did I meet this great guy? Well, there's a story that I hesitate to tell. But you asked so I'll spill.

My would-be hubbs and my cousin were dating sisters at one time. My cousin managed to clear the house of his 5 siblings and parents so they could cook for their soul mates and impress them greatly. I was part of this scheme in that I took one of my cousins to a volleyball game.

After the game I dropped her off at her house, and THEN realized the error of my way. I sent my sister in after her and when neither emerged I had to go in myself. Turns out there was a lovers' quarrel and the girls split early. There was so much food left, and I was so hungry. So I, quite timidly, asked if I could have a roll. My cousin assured me that I could eat all I wanted, so I did.

After shoveling in two salads, a plate of lasagna and a half dozen dinner rolls I noticed, sitting in the corner, my would-be hubbs. I think I stopped with my fork mid way to my mouth and then realized that the look on his face meant that he'd already seen me eat. I may as well keep shoveling.

Two weeks later my cousin called to ask me on a double date with his friend. Turns out he was dumped the night we, uhm, met. Fresh out of college and missing the social life, I accepted. Two years later we were married.

And there you have it. The incredibly romantic first meeting of my dear, loving hubbs and myself.

Wait until I tell you about the honeymoon.


Michelle said...

happy anniversary - and what a great story!

Cecily R said...

Too funny! I love it! I bet you eat like a rockstar and he was completely dazzled!!!!

Karen said...

Dazzled, yes. I think by the sheer amount that something so feminine could put away. (Back then I was girlish, nowadays it shows.)