Everything Has a Place

The Baby has to be sure everything is in it's place. It simply drives him crazy if things are not orderly. When he eats only one food can be on his plate at a time. If he gets something on his hands he must wipe them immediately. (Too bad he can't see his face at any given time.) If he spills something it must be cleaned up right now. You're thinking "how on earth do I get a kid like that?" But trust me, it's not always as great as it sounds. Take the chore of putting away groceries. Open the fridge door, and when I find something cold I put it in. Not so. That door simply cannot be open. So I've gotta have a free hand at all times to open the fridge. And unloading the dishwasher has drawbacks as well. We keep the kids' cups in a basket on a shelf within reach. How handy to pull this out and throw their cups in fresh from the dishwasher. But no. It's gotta be pushed back every single time I throw a cup in.

I'm really hoping that this trait stays with him. Could you imagine a kid who keeps his room clean? Who actually puts his dirty socks in the laundry basket? Who hangs his coat up when he takes it off? And I'm wondering if I can use this to guilt the other kids into cleanliness and neatness. "Your brother color coordinates his closet and you can't even hang up a shirt. He's half your age and has a disability!" Would I be a bad mom?


Michelle said...

Hopefully the trait will stay! :) Kayla likes to help me clean and I told her she better still when she's 15 LOL

Annette said...

My girlfriend's son has to have his room neat and ordered that way, but it has not rubbed off on his sister. She also has her house always incredibly neat and spotless, and that hasn't quite rubbed off either. Sorry to dash your hopes.
My son (16) will go through stages where he will have his room spotless, and has even gone so far as to clean the living room 'because I'm just not doing a good enough job!' I try to appreciate the help and not kick his smart alecky little behind [which may be too high for me to kick now anyway ;O)]. My daughter however will only pick up her room if forced to, and will often leave her dirty socks lying around the living room - ugh!
But one day, they will have their own places and hopefully we will see that they do know how to clean! :)