He Failed Again

Micah had yet another hearing test today. He hasn't passed one since birth, over 4 years ago. You'd think we'd be concerned about this but we're just not that great of parents. He can hear, it's been proven in a day to day situation, and as far as we're concerned it's all good.

But the doctors have been after us to get a good test to be sure he doesn't have any hearing loss or tone deafness so we comply by subjecting both them and our son to a hearing test twice yearly.

Today was his most recent one. The ordeal started in the waiting room. He was wired and wanted to wrestle, scream, run and jump. And it was a packed waiting room. We were the family the others were glad to see go. The long wait in the back room wasn't any better. He jumped off the exam table, slammed a stool into the glass front cabinet and played in the trash. They seriously hacked him off by having the nerve to look in his ears, and they just took things too far by fitting him with ear plugs. He hates (HATES) his ears touched in any way, shape or form.

After determining that his tubes were in place and not blocked, they sent us to have his hearing test. Once they got him in the sound proof room he decided that he was done with the whole thing. And the test hadn't even begun. Things went downhill from there and the test was ended because he was screaming so loudly that I could barely hear the lady yelling through the mike "can you hear me?"

It's been years in the coming, but we've scheduled a sedated hearing test for him. (For those in the know, it's the ABR.) Hopefully we can get a good reading and determine if he's just a slower than normal talker or if there's a reason for the incredible delay.

And I want to take this opportunity to formally apologize to the ENT staff at Children's. I know you deal with kids and probably see this behavior daily. But I do not normally allow my children to act like this and am appalled at his actions. He seriously needed a good swift reminder of how to behave and sat in a chair somewhere to contemplate his sins, but we're not allowed to do this kind of thing in public anymore without having the wrath of Children and Youth brought down on us and our children confiscated because we care. Thank you for having the patience of Job and not looking totally annoyed (like I was) with my child. You are the reason we drive 2 hours to Children's when we could have him seen in our town by much less patienced employees. I promise to bake something and bring along next time. Or to stop at Panera. If my son offers it as a peace token would that make things all better?


Michelle said...

Kayla hates anything medical-related as well. She has gotten a little better at the ENT office, but still, she does not like the booth test at all. They want her to start doing the test where they put headphones on her and when she hears a sound she's supposed to put a peg on the board; I don't think that's going to happen as she probably won't want the headphones on! I feel your frustration!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

This was a bit of a refreshing post. I'm on the other side of things and generally find Children's staff to be some of the most impatient people of all time. I'm glad to know they're only that way with other staff and not the patients.

Having walked the halls of Children's way too much lately (half of the time was because the place is such a maze that I can never find my way out), I can honestly tell you that Micah was not even close to being as disruptive as some others. The main difference is the fact that it bothered you. A lot of parents could care less.