Oh, Glory Hallelujah

What a wonderful day it was yesterday. Besides the most perfect weather ever and leaves coloring all around me, The Boy had a good day.

It was another day spent running errands all morning before dropping off at preschool in the afternoon. Two meetings (with him) in the morning and he was good as gold. Not a sound out of him, he sat and played quietly all by himself and never once threw the golf balls that he insisted he bring along with. I was so, so proud of him. There were two small incidences hardly worth mentioning. He produced an eye watering aroma during the first meeting and we were all gasping for air. Of course I'd left the diaper bag in the van. And halfway through the meeting I noticed a very large spot of snot on my shirt from huggling him. You'll have this.

To treat him for being the wonderfully behaved boy that he was, I took him out to lunch at his favorite place. Chinese. And he didn't even make a huge mess eating! Wow. He went to school clean. What a great day.

And things are good around. The Burgh Baby's Mom gave me an award! My very first bloggy award. I'm misting up. Thank you so much! See it? Right there in my bloggy award case. She thinks I'm nice. How wonderful is that?

I'd like to pass this great honor along to some other nice people that I've had the honor of meeting. Like Nicole at All 4 My Gals. She's super sweet, and such an encouragement. And Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes. She's a dear, and currently a single mom to her beautiful daughter while her husband is deployed. And she's pregnant! She deserves a few more awards.

Isn't this just like parenting? You've got good days and bad. And when you've got good days it's the best parenting high around.


Deanne said...

So glad to hear that your day went so well. Praise the Lord!!! And congrats on the fabulous award!

Michelle said...

It does sound like it was a great day - especially the behavior during the meetings! :)

thank you so much for passing that award on to me!