The Party is Killing Me

First, lets get down to some business. The ever fun giveaway! My son scribbled out Cecily R'sname when I wrote them all down, so I'm taking that as his chosen winner.

Congrats, Cecily R! You'll be getting the Michael Miller burp cloth set in the mail as soon as I get your address.

That was just as fun as the last giveaway. Remember, for my 100th post I'll be doing another giveaway. It's just a freebie kind of month going on here!

Today holds many kind of possibilities. Oh, the fun just waiting to be had. For starters I need to bring the horses in because the farrier is coming to pull shoes and trim feet before winter. They rate pretty well, I think. Their spa treatment comes to them! I've never had a mani or pedi in my life. They get one every other month or so. At my expense, the little hay-burners.

And then I've gotta fit in my workout sometime, too. Not that cleaning the house doesn't qualify for that. Because I'll be finishing up the downstairs today. What has inspired this fall cleaning frenzy? A party. If you haven't tried this little trick I highly recommend it. When your house couldn't possibly get any more disgusting and you're embarrassed for yourself every time you walk in the door, throw a party. Invite everyone that you know, and set the date for next week. Then get crazy-busy in the meantime so that you have no time to think about your house until the day before the party. Yep, that's what I did. I was up until the wee smalls last night armed with Pine Sol and Windex. The house smells better, and I must say it's a bit more sparkly this morning than it was yesterday (or the past few months for that matter). Today I've gotta do the laundry room. That ranks right up there with the basement, the garage or a root canal.

What party, you ask? Oh, this is not just any party. This is a murder mystery. Have you ever been to one of these? We hosted one a few years ago and it was the most fun I'd had since my last amusement park visit. This one is based in the 80's and you've gotta come in costume. I think Wal-Mart will be wondering why there's a sudden run on hairspray this week. Our friends will be polishing up their breakdancing moves, teasing their hair and pulling up their shirt collars. My character must wear a prom gown and play with a Rubik's cube. I was at the thrift store yesterday and scored big. I not only got an 80's style gown, but it's irridescent blue. Remember those? (And if you're too young to remember, please don't remind me of my age.) My husband? Who does he get to be? I'm so glad you asked. He's the flatulent ghost buster. Oh, the good times to be had with that. The other characters include the narcoleptic breakdancer, the kleptomanic Olympic gold medalist, Mr. P the jewelry-clad "law enforcer", the sleazy televangelist and his wife Pammy Ray who has an eye condition that makes her mascara run all the time, and Moe Jontana the stuttering quarterback who sprays when he talks. There are others, of course. I cannot wait for the party to begin. I'll get to wear that gown.

I'll be sure to post pictures. No matter who's killed, or who does the killing, it's sure to be good times. I can only hope that we keep from reminiscing too much about our high school years to play the game.


Cecily R said...

Oh my gosh! You are so super awesome son of Karen who wrote my name down! I love you!

E-mail me ( I'll GLADLY give you my address!

My brother and his wife are totally into murder mystery parties. I've never been to one (I guess I'm just not cool enough to be invited), but I hear they are grand fun. I want, no I need to see this fabulous irridescent blue dress of yours.

Can I be the narcoleptic breakdancer? That describes me so well it's scary! Heh.

Deanne said...

I've never been to a mystery party before, but I hear they are fun and yours sounds like no exception! Have fun, and yes, please post pics of your fab dress!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I might have to steal your idea and schedule a party. I see no other way this stench is ever going to leave this house.

I'm totally looking forward to pics of the dress and of the flatulent ghost buster!