Playdates, Etc.

Once a year we get together with another DS boy who's 6 months older than Micah. Why we don't get together more often is a mystery to all of us, but we really enjoy our time together. Today we met at a Burger King with a playland. Besides getting to chat with another DS family and get both reassured and encouraged that my child is, indeed, normal it was amazing to me to see how other families there took it all in. You hear every conversation in such a tiny space and other families just seemed to sit in on our conversation as silent observers. We talked about how brushing their teeth is a struggle that ranks with hair cuts, and how neither of these things are performed with any regularity. We choose our battles. We compared preschools and what we're doing to get them ready for kindergarten. We talked extensively of their lack of speech and how it creates so, so many problems and concerns. We discussed potty training issues and whether or not schools accepted kids who still wore diapers. We talked about sippy cups and eating out of dog dishes and laughed that they were sharing drinks and chicken nuggets at random. And we talked about how very blessed we were to have such healthy kids.

It makes me wonder what the other families were thinking. They were so very kind and understanding of all the interruptions to their own meals, and when our boys tried helping with other people's shoes, and when our boys used their tables to set their cups on. I so appreciated that. I love that others are so accepting. Does it make them realize how truly blessed they are to have normal kids? Or does it make them realize how very blessed we are to have these special kids?

It was crazy tie day for spirit week. The kids had been having fun with the theme all week, but today they went all out. The boys unashamedly wore ties, my daughter wore them but they promptly came off when she came home. Don't you love the abandon of these years?


Anonymous said...

What cute boys you have!!! and Micahs hair is just so stylish, I wish I could grow Gabe's hair like that, but I worry it would become an afro ;)

Cecily R said...

My Mom's credo for motherhood? Choose your battles. I totally believe that little three word sentence has saved my sanity more than once.

As for your musings about what other people are thinking about the boys at the restaurant...I think its a little of both. I adore kids, and love their randomness and honesty in public, regardless of the kid.

When I see families like yours I am amazed and truly feel that you have been sent such wonderful little spirits because of who you are and what you can give them in this life. I also believe they get a free pass back to where we came from because they are so special. What a blessing to have that kind of spirit in your home!

Karen said...

I have another theory on who gets these wonderfully different kids. It's not so much what the parents have to offer them because I know we're no better than any other parent, and sometimes we're worse. I think it's more the fact that we, as parents, have so much to learn from them and that's why we've been blessed with their addition to our family.

But one of the things that I still struggle with is that nothing is random. Nothing is an accident and nothing takes God by surprise. Not only did He know that Micah was going to be Downs, He created Micah this way on purpose. I know that all things work together for good. I know that he's the most wonderful thing we've ever been blessed with outside of our own salvation. And yet I have a hard time comprehending why some are chosen to live with handicaps and some aren't. I need more faith.

Kellan said...

The boys are so cute and those are great pictures. I think different poeple view things differently - as for me, I love to see any child having a good time and enjoying life! You seem like a really good mom. Have a great weekend. See ya.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Your boys are so adorable it's a wonder you're ever able to tell them "No". Micah could melt my heart instantly with that smile.

I can only speak for myself, but when I encounter a child that obviously having a good time and isn't doing any harm, I don't mind whatsoever if I get involved in their fun. It would crack me up if a little guy tried to help me with some shoes.

Michelle said...

It does look like the boys had a great time together! I wish there was a family in town with someone close to Kayla's age just to get together with, but there isn't (at least not that I know of!)