That's Gratitude

It's been such an incredibly great week. I wish all weeks could be this wonderful, and I'm not sure what made the difference. I had some kinda crummy things happen and yet it was still upbeat. Here are some things that I've realized that I'm grateful for this week.

1. I do not have mouse poop in my couch cushions. I may have cereal, shriveled hot dogs, popcorn, pencils, the long-lost remote control and a few matchbox cars, but I do not have mouse poop. The car dealership does. It was an exceptionally clean establishment, too. And guess what Micah wanted to do while waiting for the van? You guessed it; play in the couch cushions.

2. The parts to fix the van only cost $43. Usually the parts we need cost $100. It's nice to have a cheap fix every now and then. And it's nice that my husband had a day off work to get it done so that I can still get the van to pass inspection by the end of the month.

3. Micah is a normal DS kid! I know comparing kids isn't smart, but what parent can help it? We're all focused on who walks first, when others start talking, and whether or not they're on the potty training curve. With a lack of DS kids in the neighborhood to keep tabs on it's sometimes hard for me to realize that Micah is developmentally where a kid like him should be.

4. It's the last weekend of the Corn Maze. This is bittersweet. It's so much fun, but so much work. It's been a long 6 weeks and we're all ready to hang it up. We're so grateful for 6 weeks of perfect weather. That's a record! And it was wonderful to see so many people have so much fun because of what we had to offer. I love making people happy.

5. Autumn! This is my very favorite season and we're in the height of it now. The cooler weather, the brilliant leaves, the crisp morning air, the smell of woodsmoke, it's all just wonderful. And sweatshirts. I've come to realize that they're my very favorite article of clothing. They're comfortable, concealing and cozy. Tees are great in summer, but in all honesty they're a bit more snug than a thick, baggy sweatshirt and I'm always worrying about that bulge, or this bulge, and wondering if anyone else finds my bulges as nasty as I do. Aaaah, big clothing. You rock my world.

6. Micah's preschool discovered my store. They finally had to ask where he gets his fun shirts and I introduced them to The Rocking Pony's test model. They placed a huge order already this week. I love when people discover me. I detest pushy salespeople and avoid being one if I can. Hence the fact that I've been in operation for a year and someone we're in contact with daily has just "found" me. I like when others approach me. Then I know for sure they're thrilled with any purchases rather than buying out of obligation.

7. I made wall art for the living room! I have this fabric addiction, and quite frankly I find fabrics absolutely beautiful. So I stretched some over canvas and hung on my wall. I'm loving the look, and even my hubbs thought it pretty cool.

8. I've lived in a clean house this week because of my party last week. I love a clean house. Sadly, I don't love to clean.

9. I've met some wonderful new bloggy friends this week. I love bloggy friends. It's kinda hard to get together with them at Starbucks, but they're always there for a visit. And that's great.

10. I've had a coffee affair and may be leaving Starbucks. My new establishment has *gasp* better coffee and much cheaper prices. The downside is that there is no drive through. With kids in tow this is a necessity on some days. Especially with winter coming. Who wants to get out in the arctic air just for coffee when someone can hand it to you through a window? Oh, new coffee store, why do you not have a drive through? But this is not a rant, this is a list of my blessings, and I'm here to tell you that not only is the Pumpkin Spice Latte to die for, the Blueberry Crumble is truly the nectar of the gods.

And that is a recap of some of the incredible things I've experienced this week. I'm grateful for so much that I can't highlight them all. And that's a good thing.


Jennifer said...

Its always nice to be grateful for everything - the big things and the little things. I did have to laugh though when you said the van will be fixed in time to have pass inspection by the end of the month. For almost 2 years my check engine light has been on. I knew it wasn't anything big, but I never worried about it until I took the van to be inspected. Guess what it didn't pass inspection because of that silly light. Sooo. I had to get it fixed, and I waited so long that it was fixed 9 days before the extended inspection was due to expire, LOL.

I am not a coffee person, so I can't relate to a coffee shop with a drive thru, however I know all about places with a drive thru vs those without one. I will drive 20 miles round trip to a post office that has a drive thru so that I don't have to lug everyone out of the car at the post office (without the drive trhu) that is 4 miles round trip.

I am glad that you had an awesome week, and I hope this week is just as well!!

Kellan said...

I LOVE this list. And you certainly do have many things to be grateful for - don't we all. Thanks for sharing some of the great things going on with you! Have a great Sunday. See ya.

Cecily R said...

Yay for Micah's school! That is so awesome! The one eyed monster shirt makes me smile every time I think of it. I've used Isaac and Gracie's drawings several times for my stitcheries and they are the ones I love most.

I love being grateful for the little things in my life. The big things are great, but it's the little things that make everything worth it.

Great post today Karen!

Michelle said...

Sure does sound like a great week and you found so much to be grateful for! That's awsome the van cost under $50 to fix! How neat that his preschool placed a huge order too - yay for more business! I'm not a pushy person either (I'm a Discovery Toys consultant) and I don't advertise that when I'm out and about (or have regular shows anymore!) because that's not me :)

Karen said...

Jennifer, I didn't the PO had drive-thrus anywhere! Is it feasible for me to drive to your town to deliver packages? :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

OK, spill it. Where's the new coffee place? I'm all for cheating on Starbucks if I can save a few pennies.

Also, I need to know which car place to avoid. Mouse poop should not be in the couch cushions. GROSS!

Karen said...

BB's mom - Sheetz! Who knew? I got Micah a bag of chips and myself coffee and it was - get this - less than $2. Their flavors are seasonal and I'm not sure what I'll run into in the off-season, but hey I'm loving it for now!

The car dealership is really is a clean establishment (trust me, I've been in some that are much less than that) but they serve popcorn to kids to entertain them (which is great) and obviously it attracts a lot of unsavory clientele.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love your list- (especially the mouse poop in the cushions) It truly is the little things in life! Thanks for reminding us that we are surrounded by blessings!

kari & kijsa

Jennifer said...

you are more than welcome to drive your packages over here, LOL. I don't know how feasable it would be for you though, but again, you are more than welcome to! LOL.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You could knock me over with a feather right now. Sheetz? Sheetz! Who woulda thunk it?