The Dinner Game

I don't know about you, but dinner is a game around here. We play "who's turn is it to set the table?", "guess what the magical age to have a knife is", and the ever popular "hide the peas." Of course, with Micah, things take on a whole new dimension. But that's another post.

We stopped wrestling him to sit at the table with us and have come to accept the Helen Keller stage that he's in. (He walks around the table snatching food off others' plates. Because daddy's meat is so much better than anyone else's you know.) Our strategy is working! He's coming to realize that we could care less whether he sits with us or not, so has decided to actually sit and eat on occasion.

But last night he took it to a whole new dimension. As he walked around the table he was tapping people saying "gu, gu, gu." And then he took off running. How convenient that we were all sitting in a circle just waiting to play Duck, Duck, Goose. Quite the lively game ensued after we realized what he was doing. Ah, the dinner time games.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Duck, Duck, Goose sounds like a perfect way to spend dinner time!

I swear Micah and Alexis are channeling one another's thoughts from time to time. She refuses to sit at the dinner table as well. She wants to eat, standing up, at her little art table (in the living room--not with us in the dining room). I gave up caring because it really wasn't worth the fight.

Cecily R said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really like this Micah kid! Duck, Duck Goose at the table is brilliant!

Shellie said...

Cool! maybe if we played a game, we could all remain in the kitchen for the dinner game at least.

Jennifer said...

I love Duck Duck Goose at dinner time as well!!! Man, thats awesome. One day when I have totally lost my mind I may tell my kids that - and let them have at it, LOL.

After all Duck Duck Goose is so much better than lets see how can many insults we can throw at eachother (the older two) and other various games of the sort.

Zoe said...

i think that sounds like a mucher nicer game than the one my boys played tonight...which included cade stabbing peyton with a fork.