The Interestingness That was Today

Is interestingness even a word?

7:30 am: Josh asked me to check his throat for blisters. (We get strept throat frequently here. I don't know why.) Sure enough, there on the right side were two huge white blisters. Great.

7:35 am: Luke comes downstairs and says he feels like he has a hair in his throat. Whatever Josh has is contagious.

7:40 am: Becky missed the school bus. I put Josh in charge of watching Luke and Micah while I run her to school. (Daddy is sleeping so it's not like they're totally alone, for those who worry.)

10:10: We're at the doctor. I learned something new today. The boys are not sick, which is good. Turns out Josh has a large pocket behind his tonsils and food got stuck in there. Saliva, or something, crusted over and formed a white coating. I'm thinking oyster-pearl-thing going on here. He's gotta gargle to try to dislodge it.

She said Luke was almost normal, with only a little pitting on his tonsils. We cracked up at the almost normal statement. That totally describes him.

11:00: Micah missed riding lessons. It's one of those days.

12:10: Josh put Micah on the bus for preschool. He was not happy. He seriously wanted to stay home with the boys today. (I left them play hookey rather than taking them back to school.)

12:13: Josh gargles.

12:15: I start sewing. I'm backed up on custom orders, and it's a good situation to be in. I hear the boys playing and talking here and there.

"Let's set it on fire!"
"You know Mom can hear us."
"Let's pretend we're doing a concert."
"We should name the cat Cheetah. Or Jackie Legs."

I love eavesdropping on kids playing.

1:06: Josh gargles.

1:30: One of the ponies gets out of the fence. Little stinker. We chase her up and down the road for a few minutes before she decides to allow us to catch her.

1:52: Josh gargles.

2:30: Josh shows me his tongue. It's all red and sore looking. He wanted to see if your tongue really does get stuck to frozen metal. I think it was Dr. Dobson that said it's amazing if boys can survive themselves until adulthood.

2:48: Josh gargles, despite his sore tongue.

3:00: Micah's van brings him home and he fell asleep on the ride. We laid him on the couch to finish his nap.

3:45: My sewing machine ate the shirt I was working on. Really. A piece of shirt went down into the hole the needle goes through and it won't come out. I've got another sewing machine, but I've gotta finish this shirt! Put something else on the list for Sam to do today.

6:30: Micah wakes up from his nap. This is a win-lose. I let him sleep so that I could make dinner uninterrupted. But now I'll be up all night waiting for him to get tired enough for bed. This kid is a challenge.

6:39: Josh gargles at the kitchen sink just as we're all sitting down for dinner.

7:30: Sam miraculously fixes the sewing machine mess for me. I gratefully finish the shirt, and make one for my daughter who's waited so patiently for one.

8:02: Josh spills juice on the living room floor while gargling.

8:42: Becky brings the dog's new rawhide bone. The dog hid it in Becky's bed, under the covers. The dog isn't even allowed upstairs because of Becky's allergies, but can't help herself when she gets something she prizes. We've found all sorts of goodies in shoes, under beds and in closets. In the bed is a new one. Niiiiice.


Deanne said...

What a fun post! I like the eavesdropped conversation. I assume you put the kabosh on the fire thing. :) Hopefully you won't be up too late tonight with Micah!

Cecily R said...

Are you still up? It's after 1 a.m. here and I have a killer headache, but I really enjoyed your day. Love the eavesdrop, especially the Jackie Legs comment.

Kellan said...

Karen - what a day! And what a cute post! "Josh gargled" and "Jackie Legs" - too funny. I loved this post. Take care.

Bia said...

Whew! Days like that . . . it's funny, whenever one of my boys gets sick and has to stay home from school, the other one is almost in tears because "it's not fair that he's sick and I have to go to school!" That's boy logic for you.

Madame Queen said...

Okay, so I gotta know...did that thing ever dislodge? That's just plain freaky!

Karen said...

Madame Queen - it hasn't dislodged yet. It's worse than freaky, it's gross. The DR said it would be sore when it comes off because it'd be like picking a scab. And if it doesn't come off on it's own she'll have to remove it with tweezers. That would involve a tremendous amount of gagging and a little blood.

I really feel for the boy.

Lisa said...


You've been TAGGED!

Check out my blog. Sorry - but you are next. Pass it on - it's fun!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That's one heck of a nap that Micah took. I hope last night wasn't too miserable as a result.

The thing stuck in the throat thing is new to me. I didn't know that was even possible.

Zoe said...

aint life grand? i like to eavesdrop too.

Andrea said...

What a fun post!! I love Jacky Legs!! LOL!! And that white thing I get them sometimes and not a big deal. It will end up falling off if he leaves it alone. It's plaque build up and it will go away (I worked for a dentist). Glad they are not sick. :) What a day you had!! Hope you are getting some sleep!

frog ponds rock... said...

laughing heaps here.. thankyou..
cheers kim..

Michelle said...

my goodness what a day! I didn't know food could get stuck back there either, hopefully it's working its way out!

Shellie said...

SO fun! I can relate.