I'm Coming Undone

Man, this holiday is kickin' me. Those fun jeans I made my daughter? Yeh, wrong size. When did she grow and not tell me? We were discussing what size her friend wore (so that I could make her a matching pair) and I found out that she grew a size from what I remember. So now I've gotta somehow get into her room, track down a pair of jeans, and make her another pair. I'm totally cheap that way. The kids don't really need new clothes so I'll just emellish what they've got. (Okay, so I bought the ones that I already made. Drat. And they're the wrong size.)

I totaly cheated and bought a panel of Cars fabric to make Micah a blanket with. He loves that movie and he loves the fabric panel. He loved it right into a great hiding spot and I cannot find it anywhere. So I ended up buying him a Cars pillow to wrap since he won't have the blanket. You know I'll find it about noon on Tuesday, after all the gifts have been opened. I'm so losing my mind.

Don't you just hate last minute gifts? I always try to plan ahead and get everyone checked off the list in a timely fashion. But every year someone sneaks onto the list that I didn't foresee. This year it was my parents' houseguest. They have a Bed & Breakfast and a young lady is renting one of the rooms on a temporary basis until her apartment is refurbished. Since my parents live just across the road the kids have become pretty good frends with her. She was so incredibly kind to get the kids gifts. We're talking electronics, not candy canes. So I feel obligated to gift her as well. I don't know her that well; what does one get your parents' renter? I've never encountered that one before.

I did get some treats for the animals the other day. We have a rat problem at the kennel and it's obviously bigger than I originally thought. Rats freak me out. I bought a huge tub of rat cakes and placed them liberally here and there out of reach of the dogs. They're gone. Every last one of them. I restocked with the second half of the tub. Those are gone, too. I bought the tub of treats two days ago. I'm now beginning to fear for my life, and that of my children. Have you seen Ratatouille? When the old lady shoots out her ceiling? That's what I'm envisioning.

Just because the stress of the holiday is started to build up like a bad wax job on the floor, I rented some movies for the kids and I to watch tonight. A little down time is just what the tired mama needs.


Aimee said...

I'm retreating to the sanity of movie-watching as well :)
I figure a little "Bourne Ultimatum"/"ocean's Thirteen" will hit the spot after the kids go to bed.
Provided I can stay awake for two movies that is . . .

Good Luck with all the projects -
and Merry Christmas!

Deb in OPKS said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one that puts things in a great place never to be seen again. I did that with one of my MIL's gifts one year. I found it 2 1/2 years later. It was a ceramic ornament that had chocolate candy inside. I told her I wouldn't recommend eating the candy but the ornament was still pretty.

Melissa said...

I hear ya. I held it together for almost the whole season, now I'm sick and everything is kind of going down the drain, do I care? Nope, it will all get done one way or the other. Either that or we'll be eating corn dogs and applesauce for Christmas dinner ;)

Buy her a candle....

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Home Depot gift card for the renter? If her apartment is getting refurbished, maybe she needs some stuff for after the refurbish. Either that, or the age old "I have no idea what she likes but she is a female" gift, Bath and Body Works gift sets.

I wonder if any of the rats is as good of a cook as the one in Ratatouille? If so, maybe you should keep that one around. I wouldn't care if it was a rat cooking dinner just so as long as someone was cooking dinner besides me.

linds said...

I'm with Melissa, a good candle is always a nice gift.

I am all about Christmas lists. I stick to my budget too. This year we had a few unexpected's sneak onto our list... which meant I had to go out and shop today, it was crazy!

Enjoy your movies and your time with the kids. I hope you get a little rest over the next few days!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Eek! Rats! Ew! **shudder**

We're doing the Christmas movie, hunker down in your living room, Watusi here too!

And yes, you will find that blanket on Tuesday.

Kellan said...

That sounds like a lot of rats - right? I hope you have been able to slow down a bit today - I love the picture of your precious son (he is beautiful) - have a good evening and enjoy your Holidays. See you soon. Kellan

Michelle said...

oh no! How frustrating that she grew without telling you! I hope you're able to snag a pair of her jeans!

Have a very merry Christmas!

Sandy said...

How does that happen that they keep growing on us?? :)
Amen to down time for Mom this time of year!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Madame Queen said...

Hey, sell the too-small jeans on your site. I bet they'd sell in a heartbeat b/c they sounded super cute.

We did movie downtime ALL DAY today at my MIL's house. With 11 kids. Eleven!!

Karen said...

Madame Q, that's why you ARE the queen. I just plain didn't think of selling those jeans in the store. I think I'll do just that and see how well the idea is received.

KIDZMAMA said...

Both our big kids have grow an entire size since August. I am not ready to put my oldest in junior sizes yet, but she's so close it's scary!

We did a movie tonight as well. Probably not as relaxing as yours. The baby just doesn't get the sit still and watch thing yet

Colleen said...

Rats??? RATS????

Yikes. As Collette said, "stop it! you're freakin' me out!" :)

No seriously, rats kind of freak me out too...maybe because I've seen some big ones that would give a Coon Hound a run for his money. Maybe the rats just took the cakes and were waiting until Christmas to share them with the clan? Or they had a Remmy that smelled the danger and they disposed of them post-haste. :) yes, I have watched Ratatouille more times than I can count (that song from it...you know, the one sung in French, is stuck in my head permanently).