It's a Birthday!

It's Luke's birthday! The boy is 7 today. Although he wasn't born until 6:30 in the evening so we like to tease our kids that they're not really the next age until the actual hour rolls around. Of course we're never sure when to tell our daughter. She was born 3 time zones away. Do we go by the time she was born, or adjust it to match this time?

I cannot believe it's been 7 years since that child was born. I remember it like it was yesterday. (Who doesn't remember childbirth?) In all his Luke-ness he had to do things differently. He dropped twice. The medical profession refuses to believe this, but my husband knows it's true. And you know that men don't pay attention to much. Coming back up after the first drop was uncomfortable to say the least. But it happened. I swear.

We baked cupcakes to take to school today. He couldn't wait to help, so after supper last night we broke out the box mix. (I normally make cakes from scratch, for the record. But yesterday the mixes were on sale for $.82 and I couldn't pass it up.) He stirred, then mixed. My one rule with the mixer was to keep it in the bowl, but kids are all about breaking rules. We had a minor mess when he took it out to illustrate a point as he was talking. Micah took the brunt of it. He was liberally spattered across his middle. (He was on a stool, at counter height.) But this turned out to be a good thing as Micah discovered what was in the bowl. He suddenly became keenly interested in cake baking.

Luke decided on the mini cupcakes over the standard size. That way he'd be different from other kids in his class, and he could offer more than one to his classmates. Unfortunately, they're bite sized and even two minis aren't as big as one standard. But he doesn't know that, and I didn't pop his bubble.

We're still clueless about what to get the boy for his birthday. I think we're running out of time. I did make this, but was saving it for a Christmas party gift exchange on Saturday. I may have to break it out early.

(I have this listed in my store if you want to check out what the heck it really is.)

The mixing crew:

Luke, as "Captain Clawson". (aka, Inspector Closeau from The Pink Panther. I have no idea if I've spelled his name right and am too lazy to look.) Incidentally, he's still wearing Niles after a whole year. That's the original shirt featured in my store. He drew his favorite monster and I made it into a shirt for him. He loves Niles. His classmates do, too, and this causes problems. The school rule is to keep your hands to yourself. Niles just invites people to pet him.

And yes, I let my kids lick out of the bowl. I am well aware of the dangers of salmonella, but I am a bad mom and allow them this childhood rite.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Luke!

Micah looks so attentive in that photo. I love it! I'm also loving the fact that Luke has his tongue hanging out. There are a few people in my house that can't concentrate on anything unless their tongue is firmly planted right where Luke has his.

You'd be a bad Mom if you didn't allow them to lick the bowl. Salmonella be damned, every kid should get to have that joy.

Melissa said...

Happy Bda, Luke!

I love the last picture! That is classic. I think it's great he wanted to help make his cupcakes, yea Mom!

Even I would like to pet Niles. Cool shirt! My sensory issue daughter would love that shirt!

Madame Queen said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!!

We're bowl lickers, too. What's the fun of baking if you can't lick the bowl?

I love Niles, too. Is he still available?

Madame Queen said...

The travel pack is genius!! Genius, I tell you. I may just have to purchase one for our after Christmas trip to Dollywood. yes, that's right. I said Dollywood. Woo hoo! Cause we're fancy!

Andrea said...

Oh I love to lick the bowl too. I let my kids do it as well. That is the fun in baking!! Happy Birthday Luke!! I do love that shirt too!!

Karen said...

I'll be sure to give Luke all your sentiments. Thanks so much!

Madame Q - Niles is still available. I don't care if it's Dollywood or not, I'll bet it's fab when it's decorated for Christmas. Will you still get to see the decor?

Deb in OPKS said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Hope it's a good one. It's snowing here in Kansas, maybe you'll get some there, too. Not a bad birthday present in my opinion.

I let the kids lick the bowl, too. And eat cookie dough. Sometimes, I'll use pasterized eggs for cookie dough. The only problem my kids have is competition from mom. Sometimes I bake when they aren't around so I can have the bowl all to myself! I've always preferred doughs and batters over the cooked result.

The Sports Mama said...

How funny... I used to insist that we NOT celebrate my birthday (really, just meaning cake and gifts) until the exact minute I was born. Which, unfortunately was at 8:25 PM, so on school nights it was a really quick birthday celebration for me when I was little! :)

And I'm totally on board the Lick The Bowl train! Sheesh, I'm lucky if I can keep my kids' fingers out of it until the mixer is shut off and removed!

utmomof5 said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! Make it a good one.

I am a lick the bowl person too. I have done it my whole life and I am still kicking around. =)


Karen said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person in the world who isn't petrified of salmonella. Had I known someone who got sick from it things might be different. But licking the bowl is THE reason I bake.

Shellie said...

I have never ever met anyone who got salmonella from licking the bowl. I must have licked a bazillion myself and nada, not even a stomach bug. Our society is just a little too OCD, don't you think?

Zoe said...

happy 7 th birthday!!! who doesn't lick the bowl

KIDZMAMA said...

Lick the bowl, lick the spoon, lick the mixers (after you eject them!), get your tongue stuck, it's a birthday, you must celebrate!

Happy 7th! Enjoy the rest of it.

Cecily R said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

I lick the bowl at my house, so convincing the kids they shouldn't do it isn't an option.

We can't bring home made anything to the kids' school anymore. I think it's because of possible allergies.

I am secretly glad about this because I have a great excuse to just buy cup cakes from the bakery. Shhhhhhh.

As We Sail... said...

What a cute picture of a messy face.

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to Luke! Sounds like it was a fun day for him!