Time Away

This week was nuts. Tis the season. Here's a run-down of what I got done.

15 shirts
2 pajama bottoms
1 travel play set
2 hamburger felt food sets
2 breakfast felt food sets
2 tea towel and pot holder sets
4 sets of pony tail holders
...and a partridge in a pear tree!

And I got some housework done as well. There's always dishes and floors and laundry to do. Laundry was fun, and I'll have to tell you about that another day.

I'm headed to a Christmas party at noon today and another in the evening. The evening one will be so fun; the doctors reserve this mansion and give out rooms in a drawing. We were chosen for a room and it'll be so, so nice to have a night to ourselves. A big thanks to the in-laws for taking the kids for the night!

Can you believe this mansion was hidden for years in thick trees, right in the middle of town? When I was in my late teens someone bought the estate, cut the trees down, and there was this mansion sitting. They've built a mall around it, and use the mansion as a bed and breakfast. Whoda thunk? We were fortunate enough to get a room before, and let me tell you it's nice inside. It's restored, and yet still kept in the same decorating style as in it's glory days. The only downfall is the heating system isn't all that updated. We froze our toes the last time we spent the night. We'll have to pack a space heater this time.

I want to take this moment to apologize to those whom I've neglected this week. I haven't had all that much time for blogging. I'll be back next week and hopefully things will be at a bit of a slower pace. But I'm not complaining that the store is doing well. It's a good thing!


Deanne said...

Woooooow!!! How exciting and fun to get a free room in that fabulous looking place! But then again, if I had a night away with my husband I may not care too much what the place is like (but it can't hurt either). :)

Have fun!

Deb in OPKS said...

I'm dropping my girls off at the Down syndrome guild this a.m. for 3 hours of free babysitting and my husband and going to breakfast and doing a little shopping and I was all excited about that! Have a great night. I'm sure you deserve it. Especially during this hectic time of year. Aren't grandparents great!

Melissa said...

Take lots of pictures. I would love to see the inside of that mansion!!

Have a great time at the party! And congrats on the store doing well, yippee!

Madame Queen said...

You lucky dog! I'm so jealous of your night out.

I kind of hate that they cut down all the trees around that mansion! Gorgeous house though. I guess if you're going to have a B&B you need people to know it's there.

I love the shirt you made for Alexis. So cute? How much for another one? :) AFTER Christmas, of course!

Bia said...

Just looking at your list of all you accomplished made me feel less than productive. Wow!

Have a great time with your husband...this is a great time of year to get away! God bless.

KIDZMAMA said...

Enjoy the night away. It's sounds like you really deserve it.

You better do more than bring a space heater to keep those toes warm!

Michelle said...

lucky you! Hope you two enjoy your night away w/out kids!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Maybe you can finally get some sleep. It doesn't sound like you've had time for it all week!

Shellie said...

So cool! I'm jealous. Glad you got a lotta stuff done!

Karen said...

Y'all are the coolest bunch of bloggy friends ever. I love every one of you!