Oh, the Irony

The kids were to have off school today for the holiday. But they're making up a snow day they had earlier so it's off to school they go. But wait! What were the chances that they'd have a snow day on a snow make-up day? Yep, they get one more day off. It's a good thing. They're so tired from New Year's Eve that they cant' keep a civil conversation going for 2 seconds. Maybe today we'll play some games and watch movies. Sounds like some fun, low-key things to do. That, and drink hot chocolate. Have you seen the weather outside? No? Well, it is indeed frightful.

Luke made up some jokes the other day. He cracks us up. I just had to share because I think they're pretty good jokes, especially for a 7 year old.

Why did the pig cross the road?

To change his name to Pork.

When was the last time you had chili?

Today! (Because it's cold outside.)

Over vacation I'd promised the kids they could go hither and yon visiting friends, and that left Luke and Micah here on occasion. Micah absolutely loves his siblings, and when they actually play with him he just shines and glows from the attention. (Usually he's just a tag-along.) Even bedtime was absolutely hysterical the other night as I allowed the two boys to go to sleep in my room. It was giggle-fest for quite a while as they were settling in. Luke would fluff Micah's pillow, Micah would pull the covers up... And we've rearranged seating in the van to put the two little boys in the back together. Micah is just in his glory because I think Luke is his favorite. Maybe because they're the closest in age. And because when they're strapped in, they have each other's undivided attention. I'll never put a DVD player in the van for anything other than long trips because seeing the kids interact and play together is the most precious thing ever. Micah just giggles and giggles when Luke plays games with him. If only it was that all the time rather than the ever-popular "he touched me" game.

Today starts my new year. I know I'm a day behind, but I allow myself a day to recover from surviving another 365 days (and a too-short night) before starting 12 more months. This year marks some milestones for the family. Becky will be an official teenager, and Micah will be 5. Wow. Josh will be 11 in the summer and Luke just had a birthday so he's got a whole year stretching out before him in all it's I'm 7 glory. As far as accomlishments, if I survive with my sanity intact I'll be thrilled. We have plans for the kennel but when you're dealing with animals things rarely go as planned. Here's hoping! Wouldn't Cavalier King Charles puppies be the cutest things ever? And if we can get ourselves bailed out of debt enough to replace our wonderful 16 year old car and STILL have money aside, we'd love to take the kids to Disney. But don't tell them. You know kids will hold things over your head forever if you so much as breathe that it could possibly, maybe, someday happen during their lifetime.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I love that Luke plays with Micah and it turns into a giggle-fest. It has to be SO fun to watch and listen in when they are doing it.

Luke's jokes really did make me laugh, but I think it might be because I absolutely do not get the first one. Change his name to Pork? It's funny, and yet I have no idea what's going on. As usual.

suburbancorrespondent said...

Thanks for mentioning the "he-touched-me" game - I was starting to get jealous.

Maria said...

Your so lucky. My kids had to go back to school today and we were hoping for at least a 2 hour delay, but no such luck. I'd love to just watch movies with them. Now it's back to work for me.

BTW, I tagged you.

Karen said...

BBM - with Luke's love of morbidity, the joke was referring to the pig ending up as someone's dinner because of an accident. Gotta love kids.

Thank, Maria! I'll go check it out.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I knew I had to be missing something. Your kid is too smart for me, obviously!

Melissa said...

LOL! I love that your kids got a snow day on a make up snow day. Oh the irony!

Luke's jokes are punny! ;)

Deb in OPKS said...

Kid jokes are so fun. My oldest came up with this knock knock joke that my kids still talk about:

Knock Knock
Who's there
Trash can
Trash can who
Trash can talking to it's trash
(hysterical laughing at ones own joke!)

Flea said...

We had chili yesterday.

Your kids are so darn cute. Wanna trade?

Madame Queen said...

Okay, I think something's wrong with me because I don't get the SECOND joke. Hmmmm....

Bubba hasn't recently started in with knock knock jokes, but totally doesn't GET the concept. It still makes for some pretty good laughs, though.

Like the new site look!

ALF said...

I wish I was at home watching movies, eating chili and drinking hot chocolate today. I'm jealous!

Cecily R said...

My kids make up jokes too. They are, in a word, hilarious. At least to us.

I wish we had an extra snow day. The kids are in school today and I am nervous for their teachers because they are dog tired after not being able to sleep last night. I won't even tell you when they finally gave in. Too bad mommy embarrassing.

Karen said...

Madame - the second joke is definitely a kids sense of humor. It's a play on you WERE chilly, rather than ATE chili.

Cecily - I am SO glad the kids are home today. Not that I want them to go through summer, but they were tired. And I wasn't ready to give them up yet.

The Sports Mama said...

I can only wish mine had gone back to school today! They don't go back until Monday!!!

So... that means I have three more LOOOONNNGGG days ahead of me where I get phone calls every 30 minutes at work tattling on each other. *sigh*

Kellan said...

We love the giggles in our house! That is the cutest little puppy!!! ANd, you would not believe how sunny and beautiful it is here today - snow, snow everywhere and not a drop for me! See you soon. Kellan

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ditto the snow day here today - Connor was one happy kid!!


Colleen said...

No snow here, either. So jealous! I miss the snow. *sniff*

Luke's jokes were pretty good...like BB's Mom I was laughing even though I didn't get it. Then after your explanations, I was laughing harder. :)

I love that beautiful puppy! My mom has a little blenheim boy...makes me miss him.