Out of the Frying Pan...

So today is the big day that the dog loses her virginity. I'll refrain from taking pictures of the event. Here's hoping that she becomes large with many children. Since time is not on our side, this whole ordeal may be for naught. This is supposed to happen several times, a day between each visit. But since this should have begun happening on Wednesday, and the vet is closed over the weekend, we've got today. Girl, let's hope you're fertile! And boy, your days at our house are numbered if this is what we can expect from you in the future. I'd think your job would be next thing to glorious, dog. How many males out there would sacrifice a leg to have the sole purpose in life of procreating? With many women? On a regular basis?

And because life hasn't been exciting enough in the past two days, we've got more drama going on here. Josh, who was diagnosed with strep yesterday, woke up today with red spots all over him. I'm about 99.9% sure it's chicken pox. I haven't seen an in-action case since I was stricken at age 8ish, so I can't be completely certain. Here's the kicker; he's had the vaccine. I've heard that these things need updated once you near adulthood because their effectiveness wears off, but I really didn't think that 10 was near adulthood. I could be wrong on this. And here's another question: would he test positive for strep if he didn't have it, but was coming down with chicken pox? Because despite the fact that he was achy, fevery and said his throat hurt I really was shocked that he tested positive. Being a mom for nearly 13 years, and having multiple kids, I've had some experience with medical issues. And I usually have pretty good instinct on these things. I'll be calling the doctor as soon as they open, but in the meantime I'll be fighting the bad mom inside me. We've got no choice on this dog thing. So do I let the sick boy home alone while I run to the vet? Or do I take the sick boy along? Either way I'm the worst mom in history. Just once I'd like to get through one week in a brand new year while still in the running for Mom of the Year. Oh, well. It's bad moms like me that make all sorts of room in the competition for good moms everywhere. May the prize go to a deserving winner.

*And a disclaimer on the stay at home thing. We live in the country, the only people around are family, and they live just across the road. We've trusted our kids home alone before, just not for several hours. I'd love to ask my mom to stay with him, but she has a phobia of sickness. Any sickness. We could sneeze because I've finally gotten around to dusting, and she'd be convinced that we're all coming down with pneumonia. And every time she gets sick she blames it on us. I mean, with all these kids, surely someone had the illness that she just contracted. So knowing that she's right across the road, and a phone call away suffices.

Can I just say that I shudder to think that the chicken pox could sweep unchecked through our ranks? I am not a panicky mom in the least, but this has me simply beside myself with the horrors. I'm hoping that since they were all vaccinated, the severity of the case(s) will not be all that. It may be a good thing that the dog gets violated today. I need a big event to keep my mind from dwelling on the inevitable and unchangeable.

And on a lighter note...

There was a great delurking event last fall sometime, and I had nothing to do with it. I did not host it, I did not participate in it, and I did not delurk anywhere. The last one is mostly because I'm outspoken and usually speak up at my first visit to every blog.

What this great event entailed was simply saying hello on the comments if you've been reading. We have those wonderful stat counters that tell us that there are so many more people reading our drivel than there are comments left. This is good! People out there are seeing us! But sometimes it's heartening to know who, or how many, are actually enjoying what they read. (Okay, you can say "hi" if you don't enjoy it either. But I'm hoping that you're here daily for entertainment purposes and not your daily cricital session.)

So here is my New Year's resolution - for you! Take me up on this, please. If you've been reading my thoughts for any length of time I'd love to meet you. I promise I won't embarrass you, because I usually save that for myself. Today is the day! Resolve to delurk!


Madame Queen said...

Yikes! About Josh, I mean. Let us know what the doctor says. Not to freak you out further, but Scarlet Fever is associated with strep and it has a red rash, too.

I'm not usually a lurker either. I pretty much always comment. But yeserday 51 people visited my blog, but I only had 10 comments. What's up with that?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Delurking to say, oh wait, I don't lurk here, um, yeah . . . Anyway, I hope the pediatrician is helpful with Josh's rash. We went through what was alleged to be atypical chicken pox (apparently that's what they call it when you've had the vaccine or have already had them in the past) last March, but I still think it was just bad doctoring not picking up on what was really wrong. Alexis' spots were localized to her back and would come and go every few days, she never had a fever, and nobody at daycare ended up with chicken pox even though she never missed a day of school. That just doesn't sound like chicken pox to me.

The lurkers make me crazy, too. There was a day that I had over 200 visitors but only 6 comments. What is that? I don't expect every person that reads to comment on every post, but it would be nice to read a "hi, there" now and then.

Hi, there!

Deb in OPKS said...

I've heard that strep can cause a pin prick red rash, but I think that might be more on the trunk. Here's hoping it's just that. I mean you already know about the strep. Also, I THINK my oldest got a booster on chicken pox at her 10 year check up, but all 3 girls got several shots and I can't remember what they all were.

I love hearing about your dogs sex life! Too funny. Here's hoping it all goes well.

And 200 hits! I'm excited that I've gotten close to 20 recently. I agree, though, I'd love some comments. Dawn M. got over 200 yesterday. You'd think she could share once in a while :) Heck, I'm jealous of your average 16.

Oh yeah, Hi there!

Anonymous said...

Howdy...I've been reading for a whole, and have commented before, but since you're looking for some love, I thought I'd say hello again :) I'm enjoying the drama of the dogs and hoping your little guy feels better, very soon!

Melissa said...

Good luck with the dog. Did you find doggie Viagra?

Even with the vaccine you can still get a break through case of chicken pox. That doesn't mean that the rest of your kids will surely get them.

Here's hoping your life settles down soon. I would leave the sicky home with a deal with your mom to call once an hour. Yeah, I'm a horrible mom, too.

kimmy said...

I hope your son feels better soon. My son just had strep throat before Christmas vacation and he was miserable. I know that strep can often leave a rash on kids too.

Good luck!


utmomof5 said...

Good Luck eith the dog losing her viginity and the chicken pox! Both should be rather interesting!
I always leave a comment so its not me lurking around! I have the smae problem too! Just say hi for heavens sake =)


Bluepaintred said...

scary thought, my kids have had the vaccine as well!

I hope that the pup gets pregnant soon, AND that there are LOTS of puppy pictures between the birth and them going to their new home!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Leave your son home - you are NOT a bad kid. Good for the dog - someone ought to be having fun today!!


Flea said...

You know I read. :)
Yikes on the spots. Chicken pox is SO not fun - I had them at 15 and thought I'd die. Ten isn't so bad. It just makes for long days and nights. But if your kids are anything like mine, being sick makes them much quieter, more still. I actually kinda like it when they're sick because it's more peaceful. See? You're back in the running for best mom - at least you outrank me. :)

The Sports Mama said...

**waving from Arizona**

You KNOW I'm here. :)

And good for the dog, gettin' some today! ;)

Hope the kidlets don't catch too much. Although, we've had a couple of experiences with strep where one of the boys broke out in a chicken-pox like rash. It was just a fever/virus rash that was connected to the strep. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Coming out of my corner to say HI. I'm sure I've commented here before. Just not often. I have been enjoying your blog though.
Haven't even had time to write on my own blog for a couple weeks now. Kids are back in school so I've got no excuses. Oh wait... I still have 3 excuses at home (and homeschooling one of them) I just need to get back to staying up late to take time for me.
Hope you have a wonderful new year!