The Ratings Are In

Who knew?! I was shocked to find that my blog is not child friendly. Good grief, if you've read anything about my dogs lately you know that it very well could be the most obscene blog out there (at least as far as doggie porn is concerned) but it's not. You know what sent me over the edge? Mostly the kids' illnesses. It appears that the very word hurt, listed 7 times, makes the bulk of this rating applicable. Then there is the word sexy, which I did not type but rather copied as part of that birth-month meme. One can't be hurt or sexy and allow kids to have any kind of fun. And last but not least is the word bomb. I think this was thrown in just to mess with me, because I did a search on my own blog and it does not come up. According to them, it was only listed once, according to blogger and I it's just not there. (The pediatrician said they've got the kids' records straightened out and all the kids have had the chicken pox vaccine. Including Josh. Apology accepted. Now I'll be expecting one from The Rating People.)

It's good to know, though, that no matter the rating on this blog people love me. I have readers, for which I'm ever so grateful. (Thank you, wonderful readers!) And sometimes my wonderful readers thank me in ways other than reading and commenting. Like awards.

The Burgh Baby's Mom awarded me with the best blogging buddy award. Isn't that sweet? It's nice to have buddies.

And she's also awarded me with a less than 3 badge. Apparently it's some sort of love being shown or something. (Am I the only one who does not know which way the greater sign and less than sign point? I only know that the alligator eats the largest number.)

And last but not least, she also thinks it's a treasure. Maybe that hidden bomb is a lost treasure of some sort. If anyone finds it, please disarm it immediately because my ratings will be blown to R in no time if not.

As bloggy awards come with strings attached, I've gotta keep pulling them in order to ever be eligible for these things again. I pass the torch on, my friends!

Best Blogging Buddy goes to Flea, Madame Queen, and Melissa.

I Less Than 3 Your Blog goes to The Sports Mama, Tootsie, and Hallie.

The Treasure Award goes to Hollywood, Kellan and Three Weddings.


Chris said... for the boxer word...Walmart! I don't go there very often but I do go there for those!

Melissa said...

I'll bet your bomb is in the comments. Like its the bomb...well now it is anyway ;)

Thanks for the award. I'm feeling the love!!

Oh and my blog is rated R, I said hurt a few to many times. Of course I haven't tried it since I raided the panty drawer, it's probably NC17 now.

Flea said...

Why thank you.

I rated my blog awhile back and it was PG for the word hurt. A few days later it was G, but the word hadn't been removed. Those ratings are so bogus.

Melissa, you just keep raiding the panty drawer. I'll keep confusing you with other people. :)

Madame Queen said...

Awww. Thanks so much. Is it weird that I think some of my best friends in the world are my blogging friends? Wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together in real life?

And yikes, I'm really afraid to see how my blog rates, especially when I see some of the google searches that bring people to my site!

Madame Queen said...

I just tested mine and it came back PG13 for the word "dead." WTH?

Karen said...

We've just sent me over the edge, people. I'm now officially rated R. There are now more bomb listings, more hurt listings, one more sexy listing and an addition of crack. Is this fun or what?

Just don't let the kids anywhere near this blog.

Kellan said...

I had a "G" rating and found that just humiliating for some reason - be proud of your rating, at least it means you are offering a little spice here and there.

Congratulations on your great awards - you so deserve all of these and I <3 you blog too!!! Thanks for passing this "Your Blog Is A Treasure" on to me - right back at ya!!!

Have a good weekend - see you later. Kellan

Deb in OPKS said...

The alligator thing always confused me. The best explaination I've had was given to me when I worked for the state auditors: The less than sign looks like and L. I can remember that one easier.

Thanks for the award!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I just knew you were a bad influence, but I like you anyway!

The Sports Mama said...

Aww.... thank you! I less than 3 your blog, too! :)

And you made me smile with the alligator thing! Its been awhile since I had to use that analogy to explain less than/greater than to my boys! Thanks!

Maria said...

You're PG 13? Gee, I didn't know that. I guess I'll have to be more carefull aboutk what I'm reading from now on! Just kidding. BTW, my daughter just looked over my shoulder at your blod and said, "Oh, now I know why they put a <3 in myspace!" So even a 14 year old can learn something from your blog!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You less than 3'd me and I didnt even know!!

I'm so glad I went back and read a few older entries!

Thank you very very much. I am so happy!

Btw, how the heck did you get rated? Did you do this yourself or did someone do it to you?


Tootsie Farklepants said...

You less than 3 my blog??? I'm so honored!! I will proudly post this shortly.


Colleen said...

congrats on all your certainly deserve them! :)

though not the pg-13 as much (well, I guess doggie porn would warrant a pg-13).

Johnina said...

I would be afraid to know what mine is rated if that's what they go by. I had a ad pulled by Ebay once for misspelling shirt. I was so embarrased when that came back as rejected.