Well That Was An Interesting Day

I'm late posting. Sorry 'bout that. Yesterday was a little more than it should have been.

The Pittsburgh Zoo offered a free day to residents of our county so we headed there to enjoy the animals. Friends of ours were going as well, so we hatched a plan to head out early and hit Ikea since said friend had never been there before.

I am really sure that all of Somerset County was at the penguin display when we were and people are lucky that I kept my cool. Although I very nearly lost it when someone wouldn't give way for a wheelchair. (I don't do well in crowds.)

The kids were amazing, especially considering that we had 9 of them total. (I'm beginning to think that 9 is a magical number of kids.) But Micah was miserable even though he was heavily medicated. I felt like a heel having him there, but he did enjoy himself immensely. The fish fascinated him.

I need to get some puppies into the vet because there are some unresolved issues that we're dealing with and I'm not happy about what's going on. I have very strong suspicions that our new Tinker Bell brought a germ from Oklahoma. I'm not happy.

So today I've gotta take dogs to the vet and Micah to the doctor. He developed the worst diarrhea and I've no idea what he has inside of him to poop out. Josh has a nasty rash that I suspect could be poison ivy but it's just not responding to home treatments.

It looks like today will be just as interesting as yesterday was.


Burgh Baby said...

Great elephant pics! I lurve the babies.

Um, how did you manage to get all those kids together for a photo on the ant thing? I can't get one!

Good luck with all the appointments. Hopefully all will work out quickly.

My boys are Army Brats said...

It looks like you had a good time despite the crowds. I also don't handle crowds so well. If you arrived with 9 kids AND left with 9 you did well!

Flea said...

Is Micah on antibiotics? That might be the diarrhea. Hope it's stopped today.
And there are no germs in Oklahoma. What are you talking about? Must be from somewhere else. :)

Karen said...

Yeah- I like crowds about as much as you do. Infact they rank up there with my kid having diarrhea. Sorry yesterday was a bear with today not looking much better. Your pictures are really cute. How was IKEA? I loathe taking my children into that store. That's grounds for a "mommy tantrum." Hope everyone and dogs are feeling better fast.

ALF said...

Great picture of the zebra!

Hope today is less hectic.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck getting everyone well again! And which had the better people watching - IKEA or the zoo? When we lived in San Diego, that was always a toss up!

utmomof5 said...

Ahh, diarreha and strange rashes. Those were both in the small print of the mommy contract we all signed :)

Marmarbug said...

Poor Micah! I hope the doc can make his tummy better!!!

And great pics!

Debbie Yost said...

I had all these great ideas to go to our zoo this summer. I was even going to pay the $75 to be a friend so we could go whenever and get discounts on snacks. School started today and guess how many times we went. Yep, zilch! Thanks for the pictures! It's probably the closest I'll get but if it's cool enough tomorrow maybe I'll take Peanut for the day while the other two are at school.

Hope Micah is feeling better soon. I know some may disagree, but I find yogurt especially the kind with the priobiotic really helps. I know the priobiotic is only supposed to be good for if your child is on an antibiotic, but I've had good experience. I like the little yogurt smoothie drinks you can get.

Michelle said...

Oooo, poor puppies and Micah and Josh! At least you know your three is over, right? Good luck getting it all fixed up quick!

caramama said...

Love the pics, especially the last one--those were the real animals in the zoo, weren't they? ;-)

I hope all those sick get better soon!

Colleen said...

That fish pic came out really good!

I sure hope everyone is healing up nicely.