Doggie Drama And High School

I apologize to the second half of my readers yesterday. But you see, it wasn't my fault. Blogger is being a bit witchy and decided to eat the rest of my post, mid-paragraph. When I went in to rewrite the thing, I couldn't even access it. I couldn't delete it, add to it or change it. Stupid Blogger.

I think I got everyone up to speed via email (except for those who still need to enable that little feature that allows me to respond via email), but I'll give the brief and condensed version here. Spaniel Mom is a wonderful mother to 4 of the fattest babies I've seen in a while. Scottie Mom birthed 7 healthy babies and we were thrilled with such a huge litter. Quite suddenly they took a turn for the worst and we lost 3 yesterday. I'm bottle feeding 3 every hour on the hour (yeh, I get nothing else done. Seriously.), and the lone boy of the litter is fat and healthy and is being nursed by Scottie Mom. Being at the vet 3 times in as many days, we've finally decided there must be a mysterious virus somewhere in those tiny bodies and they're on antibiotics. I'm hoping they stop merely surviving and start thriving soon. I'm too old to be losing this much sleep. God did not intend middle aged women to have newborns. But I'll do anything to keep from losing more puppies from this litter. Obviously.

So tonight was Meet the Teacher Night. It started at 6:30 according to the paper asking for cookies to be donated (and I had every intention of baking them last night at 3:30 am but then realized that we didn't have chocolate chips). I got to the school only to find that they started at 6:00 instead. Niiiiice.

Wait, back up the wagon for a moment. This event covered elementary and high school and lasted 3 hours. Guess who needs fed every hour on the hour? Yep. They went with in a cutesy little basket with two handles. I tried desperately to make it look like my purse but the weird squeaky noises coming out of it drew a little attention.

I met with Luke's teacher, Josh's teacher and Josh's remedial reading teacher. (Who, by the way, is barely old enough to be out of school himself. And is very, very cute. And those two statements made together sound very pervy of me.) I fed the puppies in the remedial reading room because it was empty.

I ran over to the high school and was late for Becky's Health class. She's very glad we got there as the teacher was wrapping it up because I told her (when 2 friends were with) that I'd stand up and ask very loudly "are we going to be learning about sex this year?" Her friends found this highly amusing.

We moved onto Science and I had flashbacks of high school. It was my science teacher from when I was there! And he didn't change a bit. If he recognized me he didn't say anything. I didn't either, but mostly because I was so tired from feeding puppies all night and day that I never gave a thought to my looks, only getting there on time. I got to school only to realize that I hadn't applied any makeup, pulled my hair back in a ponytail mid-afternoon without brushing it, and my shirt was wrinkled and covered in fine puppy hair. Not really how you want a teacher to recognize you.

History was next. Holy cow, what is it with these young male teachers?! Are they hired on their looks alone? And me looking like a canine midwife just off duty. I made it a point to sit in the back of every class to keep the puppy whimpers to a minimum.

English class was interesting. The teacher was fabulous and I'm glad that Becky has her. But I was incredibly distracted by the fact that she's a Trekkie. The Jedi invaded the room and then proceeded to vomit paraphanalia profusely. It was a bit freaky.

The next teacher wasn't there so we headed to the library to feed the puppies. Who knew that I knew the librarian? She was more than thrilled to connect Becky to me, my parents, my sisters... Yeh, we're small town like that. It's sad, really.

Moving on to math class and my same algebra teacher. The only difference in him was that his hair is now white instead of brown. He's still got the bald top though. And I didn't introduce myself to him. (See why above.)

Last was Chorus. With my same music teacher. Seriously, do these people never retire? By this time I was running on how long have I been up? and stupidly sat in the second row. The puppies' heating pad was now cool and they were voicing their displeasure. My foot jiggling the basket did nothing to stop the noise. I was forced to pick up the basket and hold them. The teacher was actually quite relieved. To quote her, "oh thank goodness. Are they puppies? I thought I heard something and was afraid I was on candid camera or something." This interruped the class for a few minutes while everyone came to see. And me with my wrinkled, smelly shirt and a hot mess on my head.

It's just a shame that Starbucks isn't on the way home from the school. I seriously need something to keep this old woman going.


CC said...

Wow. So, I guess you didn't move too far from home, 'eh? ;)

Young, cute male teachers? Who'd have thunk it!

Too bad you didn't ask "the question" to the science teacher. That would have been great!

mommaof4wife2r said...

sooooo funny. and a little throwback with seeing ur old teachers...

Caution Flag said...

You must be absolutely exhausted! How long will you have to keep this schedule?

And what a good mom you are to make it to all the schools. We, admittedly, skipped the middle school curriculum night. Big mistake.

Young teachers everywhere and now it's the teen-aged doctors, too. The one who saw my daughter this week is not yet shaving. I hope when I go in for my PAP that he has moved to another office. I think I could ruin him for life.

Trisha said...

Your dedication to those puppies is wonderful! You are a super puppy mommy! Not to mention that you are a Terrific kiddo mommy to actually take the puppies with you so you didn't miss the back to school event! And in a sleep-deprived state! I anm impressed!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mom! Super mom more like it.

When I was a 7th grader we had open house. My mom was talking to my teacher about her little girl. However, my mother thought the girl was a boy and told my teacher that her little boy so was cute. So I think the ponytail and wrinkled shirt isn't that big of a deal.

Michelle said...

Oh how sweet and adorable. Yay to the picture! I am truly impressed that you're doing all the feeding and everything without help. Fingers crossed that the puppies all make it going forward!

Oh and ummm this is why I'm SO glad that I've moved two states away from where I grew up. Although I looked at their website, and all of the teachers are now gone, which is sort of sad. They were ummm experienced when I was there though. NOT EVEN 15 YEARS AGO.

Flea said...

Oh how extremely precious! And how frightening, all the former teachers!

What IS it with school night and the times? This semester was the third time since last year that there's been a posted time of 6:30, and I show up to find it started at 6! WHAT THE HECK?!?

Debbie Yost said...

I'm guessing you are neither a Trekkie or Star Wars fan. Otherwise you would never mention Jedi's and Trekkie's in the same sentence. That or you are just too sleep deprived to notice the error. Hmm, have I revealed something about myself, there? :)

Also, you are NOT, I repeat NOT middle aged. I know this emphatically because I am older than you and I am NOT middle aged. (Just don't ask my daughter.)

Hope you get some sleep soon!

Michelle said...

I had no idea what all was involved when a dog has a litter! I didn't realize how great and commo the risk was to lose some puppies :( I'm sorry for the 3 out of the healthy 7 that were born, and have since passed away. You must be exhausted providing care for the rest of the puppies! I hope they start to come around soon!

ALF said...

Puppies at back to school night! That baby is so cute I could eat it. But I won't.

SgtSudsWife said...

Awww that puppy is so cute and they are so lucky to have someone take care of them.

I know you are tired.My sister had to do the same think with 7 lab puppies when the mom became sick.She never should have been allowed to have puppies but the vet didn't tell ym sister that.It almost killed her.It is a tough job being the puppies momma.Hope you get some sleep soon.

the planet of janet said...

i had the same physiology teacher that both my parents had in high school. and he was old when THEY had him!!!

anyway, i would think the puppies would have been the hit of the evening.

Laski Gal said...

You're not gonna go all cougar-ish on us, are ya? I mean, I'd be totally cool with it.

I'm so bummed about the puppies . . . but, you are awesome! I know, no sleep and WOW do you sound busy. Seriously, you are amazing . . .

(Oh, yeah. And with most of the teachers I know you'd have to drag their dead rotting corpses out of the building before they'd even consider retirement . . . ).

caramama said...

So sorry about the lost puppies. Good luck with the ones who you are feeding! I'm sure you will see that last one through and they will thrive!

BTW, cute story in the previous post about how the mama didn't even realize that she had puppies! That's too funny!

Colleen said...

dude...I'm really hoping the sleep deprivation is what caused the Trekki-Jedi mix-up cuz uh, that's a cardinal sin in my household.