The One In Which I'm A Bad Dog Owner

Today was the first day of the Hillbilly Harvest Corn Maze, 2009. We call it our test run. The one where we break in new volunteers gently, the one where we figure out where we need more help and what needs fixed, and the one where we get excited for the upcoming month of Saturdays.

Today was the day just for those with special needs. After that we had a group come and that made the day a bit longer. And today we took our Boston terrier and the last of the corgis from the summer litters. (Yes, we sold them all. But one boomeranged back so he's currently living in the house with us. Yes, that brings the total of house dogs up to 5. Plus two litters of puppies. And yes, we're crazy.) It was a long day for everyone, but for two puppies who spend 79.8% of their day sleeping, it was even longer. Do you know how much there is to see and do at a corn maze if you're a puppy? A lot, that's how much. And do you know how much time you have to sleep when there's so much to see and do at a corn maze when you're a puppy? None, that's how much.

So by the time the group arrived, the puppies tails were dragging. Or would be if the puppies were of the variety that had tails. Exhausted doesn't even begin to cover it, and yet they tried to keep going because they just might miss something.

And then it happened.

A random lady walked up to me carrying our corgi puppy. She very politely yet firmly told me that there was something gravely wrong with him. His chest was rattling and he felt warm. And see inside his ears? They're dirty.

How do you tell someone that they're full o'crap without offending? I gave my best impersonation of someone who was concerned for the welfare of a healthy dog, said I'd consult with a vet on Monday, and ever so gently carried him into the kitchen and away from the her. (Don't worry, our kitchen isn't licensed. And the kids running in and out of it are way dirtier than the dog. Plus, we were only serving soda and bagged chips today. It isnt' like it was Starbucks or anything.)

I checked his breathing. Normal. I checked his temperature. Mmmmm, yep that's normal, too. I checked inside his ears. Still dirty, but that's my bad. I noticed this last week and failed to clean them yet. I offered him a drink of water which he turned down, and he promptly fell asleep on the concrete floor and slept the sleep of the dead.

Other volunteers overheard Zealous Dog Woman say that there's no way she'd wait until Monday to take that dog to the vet. It was very sick. (He didn't even have anything runny coming from his nose or eyes. I'm telling you, he's fine.)

The group left, we cleaned up and put away, loaded up ponies, puppies and kids, and headed home. And do you know what those two pooped pooches did the minute they got in the house? Ran circles around the kitchen, skidding on the scatter rugs and wrestling when they tripped.

Yeh, she may be right. The poor thing is on his death bed. I only hope the vet isn't too annoyed when I call him after hours on the weekend.

Stupid people annoy me.


Michelle said...

Awwww. I love the last picture. If only I could get my wee ones to do that! Then again, Mister Man ate a banana and drank his milk at dinner and declared himself too tired to do anything else and went to bed. When I started putting Little Miss down awhile later at 6:20, he was *sound* asleep. So maybe I did do that. Hmm....

That corn maze looks amazing! You've done a great job with it, and I only wish I were closer to we could partake!

Glad the puppy isn't on his deathbed. On the plus side, could you imagine trying to do this all weekend while still hand feeding Ness every hour?

OHmommy said...

I hope the vet isn't annoyed. That is a sweet picture.

Your fall pictures are awesome... looks like a great time. I love every Saturday of the Fall. So many great outdoor things to do!

Leanne said...

I'm glad he's okay.

I suppose she was only trying to help. Or just trying to talk to hear herself talk.

I'm with you on the whole stupid people thing, but you're much nicer than I, I would have said something - loudly, about stupid people minding their own business.

Andrea said...

I really hate "animal huggers". Like tree huggers but with animals. They always think that there is an animal that needs saving. Then they have to push their opinons on people. You are nicer than me, I would have told her that if she was that concerned than she should buy the dog and take care of it herself. Dorky Lady.

And those pictures look like the kids had a lot of fun!! I love the blown up shirt!! LOL!! And yes, I am sure the vet won't mind a weekend call to check up on a total normal healty puppy.

Tranny Head said...

I bet the dog just sensed she was bad news and didn't like her! A respectable choice!

Trisha said...

That poor puppy had probably just been running around like a crazed animal - hence the breathing hard and the overheated appearance. My new kitten gets that way when we play for a while.

As for the dirty ears - wasn't he playing in the maze? Hello! Dust and all kinds of dirt to be attracted to puppy ear wax!

Kate said...

You should have taken one look at her and told her SHE looked very sick. That you wouldn't wait onne minute before going to a walk-i clinic if you looked as unwell as she did. But I'm spiteful. Its the scorpio in me. Stupid people annoy me too.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh I wanna come visit! That sounds like sooo much fun! :D I love Fall.

mommaof4wife2r said...

the pics of the kids in the corn are sooo stinking cute! i can't stand it...they are all having sooo much fun.

as for stupid people...hmmmm...yep. hate em....although my mom always did say that i should say something nice or not say anything at all, so i guess i'm not gonna say anything! :)

love the pics! i feel like i was there!

the planet of janet said...

nosey people should mind their own dogwax!

caramama said...

I'm sure she was just concerned, but still highly annoying!

Love all the pics! Those are great!

Burgh Baby said...

You really should let your kids have a little fun once in a while. The poor things just look so miserable! ;-)

Cecily R said...

I'm with Burgh. Your house looks so boring and dull. Poor poor kids...:)