This Is A Public Service Announcement

I absolutely love Christmas. I do. And because I've waited nearly a year for December to roll around again I want to celebrate. I'm giving you a head's up on this one.

I'm doing The 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.

Are you as excited as I am? Starting on December 1, and every day following that until December 12, I will be giving away a gift a day. You'll definitely want to get in on the fun.

How, you might ask? Read, my friends. Read and comment. Right here on this blog. Each day I'll announce the winner from the previous day so you've gotta get your comment in before I post again. Here's a clue: I generally post at night after the kids have gone to bed.

Tell your friends, family, relatives and next door neighbor. (I know you know they blog, stop trying to deny it. You've seen them on the computer through the open curtains late at night. And no, I know you weren't spying on them.)

Mark your calendar - December 1-12 are the days you'll NEED to visit me. I've gotta get these things mailed out in time for you to fill stockings, after all.


And just because you were actually expecting a blog post tonight I'll fill you in on the conclusion of the Booby Saga. (For those of you who already know this, feel free to exit off now. Or stay. Either way.)

After itching the whole way home from Pittsburgh (that's an hour and a half's worth of itching, for the record) I realized that it seemed to be where the seat belt was rubbing. But this was strange because seat belts have never bothered me before. I turned the light on and looked down my shirt a few times, which I'm sure made oncoming traffic raise an eyebrow. Still nothing, just itch and red.

After I did all the mom-things that must be done when one walks in a door, I changed into comfy clothes. As I was changing I noticed something way down in the farthest recesses of my bra catch the light. I reached, and dug, and shifted the right twin this way and that and finally fished out the offending object.

It was an earring back. The earring back that I'd lost as I got out of the van at Ikea. The one that I looked all over the van to find, and even in the parking lot around the van. The one that fell off and obviously slipped down my shirt front and right into my bra.

Stupid earrings. It's just a really good thing it was the back and not the front with the post. That could have been interesting on an all new level. Doctor, will you remove this earring from my booby please? No, I didn't try a self-piercing. Just don't ask.

Why on earth it would cause so much itching and pain remains a mystery. I can only refer back to that cheap metal allergy thing from the bracelet. But don't tell my ears that the rest of me has an aversion. I prefer to keep them in the dark about my addiction to cheap jewelry.


Bluepaintred said...

your boob itch/lost object in bra story reminded me of somehting that happened to me when I was about ten.. maybe 12.

first of all, the summer between grade four and five I went from flat to a DD chest, so i wore a bra early on.

We used to go camping all summer, every summer. It was what we did as a family. when you are camping you don;t shower every day. or at least we didn't.

(I shower every day as an adult, FYI)

ANYWAY. While we were camping, I had been digging in my moms purse and found a 20$ bill, I teased her that i was taking it and stuck it in my bra. then I promptly forgot about it till the next day (yes I did and still do sleep in a bra)

Long story short, I found it the next morning while changing bras and my mom let me keep it.

Hmmm. maybe this was only funny to me.


I wish I could find money in my bra's now!!

the planet of janet said...

love this story ;-)

and looking forward to your giveaway. i'm such a sucker for a freebie!!

Karen said...

Glad to know you found the offender! I can not imagine itching like that and trying to drive. That would be a strong case for acceptable road rage.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

It a wonderful thing when mysteries are solved. Almost like an hard earned accomplishment - even if nothing was really DONE to solve it - same satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

I never used to be thrilled about removing my bra - yes it is uncomfortable and barely necessary, but doing so reminds me of how little there actually is inside of it. Until I had kids. Now I find all sorts of things inside of it at the end of the day. Usually snacks . . . always nice to have before bed.

So glad it was only an earring back and not the start of leprosy!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Awesome - I'll be back for your giveaways and I'll mention it in my coffee clutch post tomorrow!

Funny story 'bout the boobie! I'm forever doing things like that, but haven't had a near piercing experience just yet!

Leanne said...

That's okay, I have an addiction to expensive jewelery. :) Looking forward to winning something too!

Michelle said...

Ahhh... good detective work there, Karen! Glad you figured out the issue and that it wasn't anything too ummm yucky?

I'll definitely be checking in for the giveaways. You know I check in pretty much nightly anyway ;)

utmomof5 said...

Glad the boobie saga has been solved!! Oh and I will so be commenting away Dec 1-12!!!

Melissa said...

Ow, I was even holding my right booby in pain just thinking about it...ouch!

I'm so here on the 1st through the 12th...though I'm not very I won't plan on winning anything :)

The Sports Mama said...

Oh my... can you hear my giggling down here in the desert?

I love the giveaway idea!

Unfortunately, should I ever decide to do something like this... I'd only be able to give away stuff from my own house.

I am not famous enough, nor are my kids yet, for that to be a good deal for anyone. Well, except me, as I would then end up with a lot more room in my house.

(Ok.... so not a lot, as I only ever get about 20 people popping by each day. Except for the one day Burgh linked me. Then it was like 55! Who knew the power of the Burgh??)

Pam said...

love the new look- woo hoo on giveaways- and ha ha ha on the earring back!

Gina said...

Funny! Strangely, I didn't find an earring back in my bra Saturday night, but cookie crumbs. Not that I was shoving cookies in my face on the dark ride home or anything. Nope.

Trisha said...

A pesky earring back! Who would have thought? I am just glad that it wasn't some sort of biting bug that got at you!

Andrea said...

OH hooray!! You are so awesome!! I can't wait for December 1st. Well actually I can, I have to take the puppy for shots on that day and I have to take my little girl for shots on that day. Whaahooo. Good thing you are having a giveaway!! I will have something to look forward too.

mommaof4wife2r said...

dying laughing at the earring back...i have had that happen!!! what in the world???

as for the 12 days of christmas...hooray!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Only you could turn an itchy booby story into something exciting enough to cover two posts! Maybe you should get addicted to something you're NOT allergic to-- like traveling long distances over great bodies of water?

Flea said...

Better the earring back than chunks of chocolate melting all over, huh? That would be a waste of good chocolate. Unless, of course, you left it for Sam.

Karen Deborah said...

As Paul Harvey would say, "and that is the rest of the story."
Glad you found out!

Poltzie said...

I'm really glad you did a follow up on that. I was really concerned for you!
Also, very very excited for Christmas!!!! Your giveway sounds so so so so so exciting. I will be here everyday with bells on!!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

In your bra? Oooh. That does sound itchy. Yucko. But, WOOT on the giveaways. I love it!

Trannyhead said...

You DO know itchy boobs are a signal of pregnancy, right?


PS - Hawt news on the giveaway.