About February

When I think about February I think of Valentine's Day. And also when I think of Valentine's Day I think of cupid. And when I think of cupid I think of broken hearts. And when I think of broken hearts it reminds me of candy hearts.

by Luke Dibert

So there you have it. Everything really does relate to food in a boy's life.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you Woody's week in pictures.

Just hanging with my pals.

In hiding.

Taking it easy. I'll refrain from the reaching out comments.

One man out.

Um, for the record we do NOT have a lighted topiary horse in our living room. I scored that on clearance for my mom for a Christmas gift and it's now patiently waiting for December in our attic. While I find this rather tacky, my mother will consider me the favorite daughter after December 25, 2009. The Round Up Gang thought they had died and gone to cowboy heaven. Even Bullseye was worshipping at it's feet.

The club house.


pb&j in a bowl said...

Replace Woody with Barbies and you would have my house. They are everywhere!

Trisha said...

A Day in the life of Woody and his gang. Nice!

Krista said...

Three times the fun with Woody, Woody, and Woody! And only one girlfriend to share amongst them. Reminds me of the movie "Multiplicity." Darn' darlin' post!

dlyn said...

Ohmygosh - I do not get over here to visit your blog nearly often enough! :D

HalfAsstic.com said...

That saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Totally what you've got going on here. It's almost as if there's a hidden message about Toy Story characters being a beloved favorite at your house... ;-)

mommaof4wife2r said...

i gotta say, that round up gang gets busy around those parts.

JennyH said...

Woody gets around!
Love the poem! What a writer you have there.

Michelle said...

Love it. They crack me up! You've got such creative and entertaining kids, Karen. And that topiary? Wowwwww.

CC said...

Woodys... you (plural) rock!